Joyous Expansion Podcast – Episode 8: Aimee Chandler – Ditch That All or Nothing Attitude

Joyous Expansion Podcast

Aimee Chandler

Aimee Chandler, the founder of Aimee Chandler Wellness, is a wellness coach focused on helping busy women create healthier lifestyles without making huge changes. Aimee works women who have had a major life event like a career, having children or a medical diagnosis that has thrown them off course when it comes to their health and wellness. By showing them simple steps in the areas of their nutrition, exercise, and mindset, she helps her clients discover how to create habits that lead to healthier, happier and leaner versions of themselves. Her master’s degree in Exercise Science and 30 years of experience in wellness have made her an expert, but her own personal transformation 3 years ago shows that her strategies work for any woman 40+ that wants to take back control of their health.

Aimee works with clients both live and virtually, one to one and in groups.
When you decide to take back control of your health and wellness, Aimee can be found at
Want an easy to use Wellness with Ease Blueprint that provides meal planning options and 2 portable workouts to get you started? Use this link…

Joyous Expansion Podcast – Episode 7: Angie Charlebois – Release Trauma with Havening

Joyous Expansion Podcast

Angie Charlebois

Angie uses Havening Techniques®, as it’s called, to create new neural pathways for safety, courage and success in the amygdala of her clients.  She’s seen huge transformations in her clients once they hack their fears. Angie’s offering Joyous Expansion listeners a special:  More Joy, Less Pain – Resolve trauma and painful triggers and create way more ease, joy, and success with Havening Techniques.

Finding Angie 

The best way to follow Angie is on Facebook at Angie Charlebois – Your Fearless Mind

or by emailing her at 

Joyous Expansion Podcast – Episode 6: Anna Margolina – Turning Fear into Adventure

Joyous Expansion Podcast

Anna Margolina

Turning fear into adventure with the power of NLP. Go beyond your negative thoughts and take things to a whole new level.

Anna Margolina can be reached through her websites – and She offers a free 40 min initial consultation to anybody who is tired of pushing through stress and pain, and want to have more pleasure, comfort, and fun in life.

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