Putting the Expansion in Joyous Expansion

Last week, I wrote why the word joy fits my business plan. Striving for joy is wonderful. There needs to be more than just joy in my life. With just joy how will I live a purpose-filled life? Striving only for joy would leave me living on a warm beach, and only having enough to just survive. Lying on the beach sipping Bahama Mamas for the rest of my life might sound like a good idea in my imagination. In reality, I have a need for a sense of fulfillment. A desire for expansion keeps living a life of joy grounded, realistic and purposeful.

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The desire for expansion keeps my life moving forward ensuring that my life never stagnates into mediocrity. In my research, I have come to the conclusion that I am in one of two states. I am in either a state of contraction or a state of expansion. I am in a state of dying or a state of growth.

When I talk about my desire to live a life full of joy, people have said, “If I am happy all of the time, I will not get anything accomplished.” My desire to live a life of expansion and to constantly grow will insure that I will not become stagnate. It is possible to make great accomplishments in this world while living a life of joy.

There are five types of expansion that are very important in my life.

  1. Boundary Expansion

  2. Expansion of the mind

  3. Expansion of life

  4. Spiritual Expansion

  5. Feeling Expanded

Over the next few weeks, I will explain each type of expansion in detail and show ways that you can use each type to bring more joy into your life.

It is my vision to facilitate a co-creating environment where we will add more expansion to your life. With more expansion in your life, you will constantly be in a state of growth. With joy, you will be proud of your accomplishments and be a wonderful example for the people around you.

Contact me today for your free 30 minutes Clarity Purpose coaching session. With that session, you will see where you contract and where you feel expansion in your life. You will leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to bring more expansion into your life.

Come back next week to read about Boundary Expansion.

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