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Life expansion is a very important aspect of my definition of expansion. This aspect ensures that I never feel stuck. Expanding your life is the physical nature of life. It is the parts that we generally compare to other people to see how well we are doing. There are three basic categories that fall into expanding your life: career, relationships and significant others.

Career Expansion

People often get stuck in this category when I tell them about living a life of joy. Many people have the idea that the only way they will change their job and grow is if they are unsatisfied or even hate their job. Leaving your job only when you dislike it, is living a life of fear and not a life of choice. It leads to finding another job for you to find a reason to hate. No matter what job you have you will always take you with you. Finally, there is always the chance of regret when the new job does not satisfy the unfilled needs for leaving the last job. Joyous Expansion is living a life of choice and purpose. When you are living your life on purpose you will have a feeling of satisfaction when you are at your current job. When you are satisfied when your job is not fulfilling to your expansion, there is a feeling of completeness towards your job. As long as you are bringing joyous expansion into your career, then you will never feel stuck. Never stay in your job because it is comfortable. Comfort is the enemy of expansion. Comfort is not a bad thing, by it should be a byproduct of the wondrous choices you are doing in your life and not the goal.

Relationship Expansion

Having amazing and joyful people in your life is essential for living a life of success and joy. The people around you are a direct reflection on the type of person you are and the type of person you are going to be. Finding these people can be done through networking, workshops, joining study and success groups and classes. We are social creatures and having a good social network is essential.

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It is important to create new networks of friends and mentors and to deepen the relationships of these important people in your life. Relationships never stay the same. People are constantly evolving. Keeping relationships the same is impossible. People grow and it is respectable to grow your relationship with them. This includes your friends, kids and especially your significant other.

Significant Other Expansion

The relationship with a significant other will never stay the same no matter how much you would like. A common relationship complaint is that a spouse is no longer the same person as they were at the beginning of a relationship. That is the truth. Both partners are not the same as when they first started dating or were married. Relationships have to grow or they will grow stale and die. Nothing stays the same. Give up that idea right now. The times when you and your lover feel like you are growing apart are the times to work on getting closer. This is how you grow a relationship. Loving the other person when they are acting unlovable is essential for a happy relationship.

Joyous Life Expansion

Adding a little touch of joy to life expansion is taking joy in the fact that nothing is going to stay the same. Something you love to do today might not be something you love to do tomorrow. Your purpose today might not be your purpose in 10 years. The only thing that is certain in this world is change. Changing with joy allows you to see the humor in it.

Homework of the Week

Where in the three areas of your life expansion do you feel stuck? Write down 5 positive actions you can take to bring positive change to your situation.

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