8 keys to living a life of Joyous Expansion

I am excited. The next 8 blogs that I am going to write are 8 blogs that I have been waiting to write for a while. The reason for my waiting is because I wanted to set up the context before I wrote the 8 Keys to Living a Life of Joyous Expansion. I wanted to write about what Joyous Expansion meant to me. I also had to write about the 3 pre-keys to the 8 keys.

The three pre-keys are important to the 8 keys because they apply to each one, while each of the 8 keys can stand on their own.

1.Take responsibility for your well being for each of the keys. It is important that you take full responsibility for how you apply them and what they mean to you. Without taking complete responsibility while incorporating the 8 keys into your life you run the risk of being manipulative and being manipulated.
2. It is about you the reader. Do not worry too much about what exactly is going through my mind at the time I am writing these. What matters is what jumps out to you and then how you can implement that in your life.
3. You are your own guru. It is important, especially with the first key, that you keep this in mind. Also important that when you read the 8 keys, put them in your life and notice how awesome it is, that you realize that it was you. My words are just words. It is you who make the magic. Even when you are my coaching client it is your power and mind that allowed you to reach your goals quicker and easier. It isn’t only because of me. It is because of what we both co-created together. Without you there is no growth. This is true with therapists, self help books, personal trainers, preachers, spiritual gurus, Dahlia Lamas and even the great and powerful Oprah.

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The story behind the 8 keys started when I decided to become a coach that placed an emphasis on living a joyful life. I believe that any coach worth his salt has a certain number of keys to living a life where you can accomplish their niche. Just kidding, the truth is I love lists. If I see an article on MSN that states, “Top ten reasons for”, “top 7 ways to”, “10 ways blank are different than blank”, “10 best”, “10 worst”, and etc… chances are I am going to read it. Just like all keys to happiness, there are nearly infinite amount of them. Writing an infinite list would take too much time. I did not choose the normal numbers of 7 or 10 because 8 is one of my favorite numbers due to the fact that my birth date has three 8s.

I am so excited for this list that I have spent the time to write three blogs to ready you for this list and this blog which just explains that a list exists. I truly believe that the 8 keys that are coming up can be a spark that can send your life into over drive. I am so joyful about it, I am going to do a rampage of appreciation about the 8 keys.

Rampage of Appreciation

I am very happy that I have the capacity to reach so many people with my blog. I appreciate that you take time out of your day to read my words. I love the fact that something that I wrote can be an inspiration to people. I love the fact that there are so many amazing teachers who I have access to in my life. I am so happy that I have some awesomely supportive people in my life. I thank you for being one of them. I love the fact that the 8 keys are something that I am living each day implementing in my life and increasing my capacity for joy. I am grateful for living in a time where something this amazing can be possible. I love the fact that I am able to write and reach people. I love the fact that I have someone help me with my grammar. I appreciate spell check. There are so many amazing things that happened in my life that has lead to this moment. I am thankful for the knowledge that I have accumulated and for all the seminars that I am have been apart of. I am so joyful for the amazing people who I went through these seminars with who I have learned so much from. I am thankful for meetup.com where I can get together with people who are sharing a goal. With these people I was able to sky rocket my growth and focus my thoughts better. I love the fact that I have a solid group of men in my life who challenge me to bring the best out of me. I am so appreciative of the fact that all of my the events in my life lead me to this moment. Again, I am so thankful for sharing this with you. I am so thankful for you. Thank you for allowing me to live my dream. Without people like you, none of this is possible. With people like you there is no way I could feel the love I feel right now.

Homework of the Week

Write your own rampage of appreciation about any subject. Have fun with it and be truthful. If you do that, you will feel better and a miracle, no matter how small, will happen tomorrow.

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