You are your own guru

This the third blog of a three part series that is a precursor to an upcoming eight part series This one being the most important one. It is the basis for all my writings and learnings.

You are your own guru.

Growth happens from within you. Your learnings, growth and realizations are not something given to you from any seminar, book, teacher, guided meditations or motivational movie.

There is a saying in zen, “Do not confuse the finger pointing to the moon with the moon.” The teachings from the gurus are the fingers pointing at the moon. What you learn from them is the actual moon. They are the ones who just pointed the way.. The only power anyone has over you is the power that you give them. If you believe that the happiness you get is from a something other than within then it can be taken away. The spirit of the teachings is also lost when teachers are put on pedestals. Every person who has taught me in my life is a human being with their own flaws. Putting them on a pedestal confuses the moon with the finger. If I look at the teachers as the moon and they turn out to be out of integrity, then the moon crumbles. I would lose everything that I have learned from them because I gave them the power to take it away. If I just look at them as the finger I am able to keep what I learned and move on. Even if the person turns out to be slim, the nuggets of wisdom that I have used to improve my life are still valid. It is just the finger that pointed to the moon was rotten.

Teachers are the catalyst that sparks the growth within you. It is not the guru’s wise words that shook you to your inner core; it is your understanding of what those words meant to you.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I am thankful for many teachers. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Adyashanti, Byron Katie, David Deida, Satyen Raja, Steve Covey, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks, Michael Beckwith, Zig Ziglar, Marci Shimoff, Louise Hay, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Guy Finley, Robert Glover, Thich Nhat Hanh, Susan Jeffers, Lynne McTaggart, James Arthur Ray, and Russell Simmons
are all people who I am very thankful for the thoughts and learnings that I have had while listening, reading and attending their seminars. They have pointed me to many learnings that I have integrated into my life and have shared thoughts I would not have thought on my own.

What these teachers say to me goes into my ears where it is interpreted with my brain. It is I who am the expert in my life and know how to work with their teachings. They have given me a great service and none of them can take it back. I do not look at these people and think they have saved my life or made me happy. I take responsibility for my happiness and it is me who decides whether I use what they have taught me to better my life. If I give them responsibility for my growth then they can take it back.

Never give your power away to anyone who believes they know more than you. Saying that the “gurus” changed your life is like saying Martha Stewart cooked your dinner. All they can give you is ingredients and the directions. It is still up to you to mix and cook a delicious cake.

Living with this belief gives you complete responsibility for your own growth and your well being. It will also make it so you do not throw out a good teaching when it is learned that the person who taught you the pearls of wisdom and protect you from people who wish to use their power as a teacher in nefarious ways.

Everyone that I have learned from has their faults. On Earth right now there are no perfect beings. There is no guru who will make you instantly enlightened and cure all your ills.

As I heard Abraham say in a seminar, “Always trust your inner wisdom above all others, even ours.”

Homework of the Week

Celebrate your brilliance.

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