Key #4 of a Joyful Life: Clarify and Live Your Purpose

The first three keys of living a joyful life, “Finding Your Placebo,” “Be Positively Selfish” and “Receive Abundance” may at first seem to be living a life where a person is just taking. The keys to living a joyful life are meant to be lived together and build on each other. The first three keys are very important to the fourth key and without the fourth key the first three would not have such a positive impact on our lives.

The fourth key to living a joyful life is to clarify and live your purpose.

Your purpose is a reason for being. When you are living your purpose you are living in a way that is inspired by the best parts of you. What you are doing is bringing great joy in your life. It is taking the gifts that you have and expressing them in the world.

Finding your purpose

Having a purpose fills people with a sense of meaning in their lives. Living a life without purpose feels empty.

It does not have to be challenging though. If a person feels they do not know their purpose, making it their purpose at this moment to find their purpose is more than enough. In fact, making the intention to find their purpose is enough to set everything that is needed for finding it in motion.

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There are many books for finding one’s purpose or passion. The book that I read was The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. Deida has a simple exercise that has you spend all of your free time doing absolutely nothing. Unless it is something that you need to do to survive you sit and do nothing. When there is something that you must do and makes it so you cannot sit anymore, you have found your purpose.

Making a Purpose Statement

Finding my purpose and putting it into a purpose statement was one of the best experiences of my life. Looking at a few words and feeling them click was very rewarding. My purpose is to be joy and to love deeply. When I say the words, “my purpose is to be joy and love deeply,” I am filled with excitement. As I work every day, I work to live every moment following my purpose statement.

The purpose statement is a representation of what I feel with my inner being. It is also something that changes. The truth of who I am is something that is beyond words, however, I am a person of words and words are how I talk to myself. So I use words to best communicate with myself to create the feeling of purpose and joy.

To find your own purpose statement, look at the words that best represent you. What do you love to do? How do you feel when you are doing what you love? When do you feel the most alive? What actions are you doing when you feel this way?

Invite Change has a powerful coarse called Living Your Vision. In this course people are given exercises that help them develop a vision and purpose statement. Seeing people create a purpose statement is an amazing event to witness. They talk about how special it is to have a sentence that they can say to themselves and it feels like their authentic self. They are able to know themselves more and their direction more. With the vision and purpose statement they are able to craft the rest of their lives with integrity.

Actions are the expression of purpose

In discussions I have had with many people, many have mistaken their job for their purpose. This is far from the case. If the job was their purpose and they were fired, then they would be purposeless. A person’s actual purpose is something that can never be taken away. A person’s actions are not their actual purpose. Instead, it is how they express their purpose. Living your purpose is making your life into an art.

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Mistaking your vocation for your purpose is mistaking the role for who your self. Right now, I am a life coach who is writing a blog. This blog is how I am sharing my gift while living my purpose in this world. It is how I am expressing my purpose at this moment in time. Five years from now I could be expressing my purpose exactly the same or in a completely different way. If I am living my purpose being joy and loving deeply as a massage therapist, waiter or a motivational speaker appearing on Oprah, my purpose hasn’t changed. Only the expression of my purpose has changed.


The key to living your purpose is to live a life of service. Living a life of service is how you live your life with the most joy possible. When you give others your gift, you receive much in return. Living a life on your purpose is the best way for you to serve humanity.

Find your placebo, because when you are at your happiest it is easier to serve. Finding your purpose will be easier and living it will be as easy as dropping the oars and letting the current take you down the river.

Being positively selfish allows you to be at your best to best serve. As you are taking care of yourself and your well being you are able to serve from your purpose. You are not letting any situation take you off your path. You are living an inspired life for the sake of all beings.

Receive abundance because the more you receive the more you can give. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you allow into your life, the more you will be able to express your purpose and make art out of your life. Even though it might not seem spiritual or right, it also includes money. The more money you have the more you can serve the world around you.

My Services

Being a support to help you express your purpose is my purpose at this moment in time. It will bring me great joy to help you move out of your own way so you can live in the flow. Together we will increase the joy in your life so you can increase your capacity to serve and make a living out of living your purpose. Together we will squash your limiting beliefs and bring to light any invisible roadblocks that are getting in the way of you living as the best you, you can be.

Joyous Expansion

Homework of the Week

Do something nice for someone just for the fun of it.

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