Key #8 of a Joyful Life: Celebrate!!!

Since eight is my favorite number in the world, the eighth key is my favorite key. It allows all of the other keys to be even more joyful and happy. It is something that is so easy, yet something that a lot of people just do not do enough.

The 8th key to living a joy filled life of wonderful amazingness is celebration.


Celebrate your life. Not only is it amazing that you are here on this earth, it is amazing that you are able to do the amount of amazing actions in your life. There are many victories in our lives. It is easy to see why we do not spend time celebrating our lives. Since we started living with people on this planet, they have spent their time showing us what we are doing wrong. They tell us all of the fun things we are not able to put in our mouths, the cars that can hit us, the strangers that can steal us, the answers we got wrong, the foods that we should not eat, the toys that we forgot to clean, the spots we missed, the bad words that we say and even what clothes we shouldn’t wear.

The people in your life were doing the best they could to help you succeed. Now that you are ready to be a deliberate creator in your life you can train yourself to see the victories in your life and the actions and accomplishments that bring you joy. Even with all of the negatives that were pointed out to us, we still have to learn how to celebrate the big things such as getting Christmas presents, graduation or getting an A on a test. It is time for you to celebrate anything that brings you joy. Do not just discount it as something that happens. Celebrate when you make it to work on time, get your work project done, clean your house, finish a quarter mile of your 3 mile walk/jog, eat only half of piece of cake, meditate for 10 minutes, or that your car started even if it is a new car.

“When you celebrate the little things in life, you make life one big celebration.”
-Brett Dupree

The beauty is the more you celebrate the more you will have to celebrate. You will be training yourself to look at what you want in your life. As you focus on what you want in your life you will be drawn to more of what you want in your life. You will notice more things to celebrate and you will create more causes for celebration. This will create a huge snow ball effect of celebration. You will notice that there is more blank numbers in your life than there is numbers that are crossed out with a big red X, like when you got your school work back.

My Services

Hiring a coach has helped me celebrate my life more. In fact, some of my calls have been an hour celebration of what I am doing. Our calls are time each month dedicated to getting you where you want to go and celebrating of your life. Celebrate your life with me.

Homework of the Week

Celebrate at least one thing that you love in your life or awesome occurrence that happened at least four times every day this week. It can be at a set time or when you wake up, get to work, get home from work and then go to bed.

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