Rampage of Appreciation – People in my life

This blog is a rampage of appreciation about the wonderful people in my life. The way to read this blog is to think of your own life and how you appreciate how these people show up in your life. Enjoy.

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Rampage of Appreciation of the People in My Life.

I appreciate the many wonderful people I have met through out my life. I love the people who have taken their time in their day to spend time with me. I enjoy the fact that I know so many fun people. I am thankful to all of the amazing people who have taught me so many things. From the people who I know in everyday life who teach me how to live by their actions and how I do not want to show up by their actions as well. I appreciate when I look at another human being and notice an amazing quality they have that I want in my life. Also when they show me a reflection of aspects of myself that I am not comfortable with. Showing a light on a part of myself that I was covering up so I can work on this piece of my life. Without people like this in my life I would never grow and expand into the person I am today. These people in showing what I want and what I do not want help bring in my reality the growth that I am feeling even at this moment.

I appreciate all of the people who have shown courage in their lives. Showing me what is possible and how strong the human spirit truly is. I am so thankful to all of the wonderful people I have attended seminars with. Their excitement they generate is very contagious. I appreciate all of the amazing people who I go to www.meetup.com groups with. Going to these meetups has been a very positive force in my life. Surrounding myself with positive deliberate creators just feels so good and raises my joy vibration.

I am sending love to all my teachers, from the ones that are in a book, to the ones who taught me in real life. To the ones in book, I appreciate the fact you take time out of your day to not only learn how to live a joyful life and other knowledge that has been helpful, you also write them down on paper for everyone else to share. I am thankful for all of the teachers I have met in person. Showing me your capacity to love through your art has shown me that I can increase my capacity to love. I would not be where I am right now if not for your loving guidance. I am thankful that I have attracted you all into my life.

I appreciate my loving friends and family. I love seeing you as you truly are even if you do not notice how wonderful you all are. You are all wonderful, beautiful, capable, powerful beings. I am so happy that I am able to share this wonderful gift of life with every one of you. I just have to hold back how much I want to say I love you when we are around. You have each enriched my life in your own way. It has been so much fun to know all of you. I am looking forward to many amazingly fun adventures together.

I am so thankful for you to read this blog. Taking time out of your day to read my thoughts is one of the greatest gifts you can give me. I love you for who you are and you are wonderful and beautiful just the way you are.

Homework of the Week

Write your own rampage of appreciation for the people in your life. Write one thing you appreciate about someone in your life in the comments

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    • Kerry on October 15, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Great post! I think I could go on for hours about things I appreciate about all the people in my life. Just a quick list: my mom’s traditional beliefs, your patience, Katie’s punctuality, Zandra’s honesty, Tim’s willingness to help, my brother’s sense of humor.

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