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Last year, I chose the 2009 Placebo of the Year award. Congratulations to the winner Invite Change. I thought it would be fun to start 2010 with a look back at the top 15 placebos of the 2000s. Wow, it is funny to write that. I remember when I was going to party like it was 1999. That song did not get old at all in 1999.

Placebos in this sense are personal development work, events, books or audio-books that have changed my life for the better. The 15 that I mention here are the top 15 in the last 10 years that have greatly shaped who I am today.

Here are numbers 10 through 6.

Number 10: David DeAngelo. One of my di

rty little secrets is that I started my self-improvement kick to get me some women. I was stuck in what I called

“my prison of fear,” and the aspect of my life that brought me the most frustration was talking to women. I got my hands on everything I could when it came to the art of pick up. Honestly, I am no better a

t picking up women than I was before I started to listen to David DeAngelo’s material. The part of pick up where I would act like someone I am not to pick up women didn’t really interest me. However the part about “Inner Game” fascinated the hell out of me. Being a man who could just attract women with my confidence e

xcited me

. I would not be where I am today if I didn’t read David DeAngelo’s material. He mentioned Tony Robbins, who mentioned Wayne Dyer and the rest is history.

One main nugget I learned from David DeAngelo was the idea of reflection. The aspects of other people who bothered me was actually aspects of myself that I did not like reflected back to me. This freeing concept has allowed me to no longer be mad at other people and to look at the aspects of myself that I want to change. This also allows people who annoy me to become my teacher.

Number 9: Byron Katie. Listening to One Thousand Names for Joy made me strive for a way to let go and be fine with anything. The realization

of not believing my th

oughts and that all suffering is when I am arguing with reality is very powerful. The work is also very simple and easy to do. They even have a free hot line for people having trouble with the work. When people are stuck on a thought it is like their brain is playing the same song from a record over and over again. The work allows other tracks to be played. There is something freeing about seeing the opposite of what you think is true as just as true. For example going from, my mom shouldn’t have abandoned me to I have abandoned my mom, and my mom should have abandoned me and my mom didn’t abandon me, has allowed me to let go of a lot of past pain. All o

f these thoughts are just as true as the others. The suffering comes when I believe the thought that is different than what has happened.

The main nugget that I want to share from Katie is that all thoughts are judgments. In personal development a lot of books talk about not being judgmental. What that means to most people is thinking positive thoughts about people. Actually it means to not be attached to your judgments because no matter what you think, each thought is a judgment on something. Judgment is the language of the

mind. It only knows how to think in judgments that are relational to something. Again, this is a very freeing belief.

Number 8: Adyashanti. I learned of Adyashanti when I was surfing the Internet to see if Jed McKenna was a real person. Some people have suggested that Jed McKenna is really Adyashanti.

So I bought his book, Emptiness Dancing and enjoyed his teachings. I highly recommend it to everyone. The other talks that I have listened to have been just as good. His teaching on enlightenment works well with me. He sees the ego as something to let go. It is like a jacket. Listening to him it is not something to discard It is

something to put on like a coat. Going outside to talk to people, remember to take your ego so you can speak words and relate to the illusionary world where we live. What I understand from him is that enlightenment is letting go of my Ego and wisdom is

training the ego to live in this dualistic reality.

One nugget to share from him is that enlightenment is not about learning more

of who you are; it is about unlearning who you are.

Number 7: Abraham. Abraham is a collection of spirits that are channeled through Esther Hicks. From their perspective, there is nothing more important than finding a thought that feels better than previous thoughts

Esther Hicks
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. They have an emotional scale that they teach people to reach. Instead of going from sadness to joy, they suggest going from sadness to anger. This is because at that moment anger feels better than sadness. They are also teachers of the Law of Attraction. They ha

ve quotes such as, “The better it gets, the better it gets”

and “There is nothing more important than to feel good.” Listening to them speak is a great pick-me-up and following their practices will help you to feel good. They have some videos on Youtube and I highly suggest checking them out to see if they click with you.

Number 6: is a website where you can create a group about anything your heart desires and if people are interested they can join. Then you can host meetings. I found on craigslist when I was looking at the events and noticed an EFT on building wealth. I joined and went and I was hooked. I noticed how much my personal development grew when I was around people who also had the same goal of improving their lives. There is something about being around people who share a similar goal and a similar mindset that helps. I have been to channeling events, intention circles, drumming circles, learning how to date, law of attraction, board games, Byron Katie, and group discussions on subjects that interest me. There was a time when I would go to one meet-up a week.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is a way to skyrocket your development.

Come Back Next week for 5 through 1!

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