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Many of my friends have pointed out how happy I am. Co-workers have mentioned that I am just a naturally happy person. This was not always the case. Growing up, I was not a happy camper. I may have been depressed although I never saw my doctor to be diagnosed as depressed. I do know that I felt alone, totally alone. I felt alone even when I was surrounded by friends and family. I thought that anyone who loved me could stop at a second, so it was better idea to not get close to anyone. Humans are social creatures, so you can imagine how lonely that existence was for me. I am so happy now because, at the age of 26, I made the decision to handle that part of my life. I was no longer going to live in a prison of my own fear. I made the decision to to transform my life into a happy one.

It wasn’t easy at first. Everything I tried seemed not to work. When I made affirmations, I would have a “no” in my mind. Sometimes I would feel worse after I tried to do such things like affirmations. My first step was starting to love myself. Telling myself, “I love you,” was not easy at first. I would look in the mirror every morning and just say, “I love you.” As I continued at it, I was able to make some headway. At first, I would feel a huge, “NO!” I did not like this huge, “NO!”, however I was determined to love myself. Eventually the huge “NO” became a small “no.” Then it went from small “no” to “maybe”, “maybe” to “hopefully”, “hopefully” to “a little”, and finally, “a little” to “a lot”. Now when I look in the mirror and say, “I love you” I feel no resistance.

The mistake people make when they are working on themselves is they believe they should be good at it from the beginning. Just like many things in this world, you

need to practice to become good at it. Some might be able to look in the mirror and say “I love you” and shift overnight; however a majority of us will have to work on it. Just like someone can go to a piano and after a week of playing sound like a super star, another person will only be able to play the first three notes of chopsticks.

You are training your brain to change its thinking. This takes time for some of us. Continue to practice focusing on the good things in your life and yo

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u will start to notice those good things and feel happier. You will train your brain to think different and more positive thoughts and release different chemicals. Remember, it is your brain. It is your chemical factory and you can choose many of the chemicals the brain releases. Do not give up on your practice because you are not good at it when you start. Always relax and know that everything is going as fast as it should. If you make a one degree shift a day then in 180 days you will make a complete turn.

Homework of the Week

Look in the mirror and say, “I love you.”

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