Joyous Intention: Using negativity for positive change

In my previous blog, I demonstrated how you can use an event you’ve experienced to you to write an intention that creates positive change in your life. This blog will show you how you can take your reaction to an event and turn it around into a positive intention.

Fight or Flight

Fight or flight is a natural way humans deal with stress. It evolved to deal with the many dangers in the wild. When you see a bear, you automatically go into fight or flight. You can either fight the bear (if you are batman) or run away from the bear. Fight or flight activates our subconscious desire to survive. When fighting bears, it is a good idea to act instinctively and make quick choices. The problem occurs when fight or flight is triggered in times when you need to be more conscious of your actions. For example, you want to make logical conscious decisions when dealing with your finances. Going into fight or flight can lead to poor decisions. Going into fight for your finances might lead you to make a poor investment to not be left behind, sell your investments too soon, belittle a loved one or even resort to violence. Triggering flight may cause you to eat a tub of ice cream, to not budget, spend a ton of money, watch hours of TV, play 100 games of Bejeweled Blitz, or even poor sexual decisions.

My Flight

I used to deal with many situations by going into flight. If I was unemployed I would buy something that was too expensive, play video games all day, watch hours of TV, or eat eight pieces of fried chicken. At a Joan Casey seminar, she said , “How you do anything is how you do everything.” She was totally right in my case. In nearly every aspect of my life if things got to hard or I felt too confined I ran away. This was no way to live a successful life.

Created Intention

I do not want to run away every time I am dealt with stresses. Instead of running away I am going to live in a way that will confront the situations in a positive manner. Things happen in life. No matter how positive you get or spiritual you are,challenging events will still happen to you. Even though you cannot control the events that happen in your life, you can control what you think about them. Living a life without stress will not provide what you desire. Stress is how we grow as human beings. Changing what stress meant to me allowed me to be conscious instead of triggering my fight or flight. This thought process spawned the intention below.

“I joyously relish each opportunity to grow myself as an Awakener, for the benefit of all beings.”

Instead of looking at stresses as a reason to hide, they are an opportunity to grow. The more I grow the more I can help my clients awaken to their true potential. I can help change the world each time I view a challenge as an opportunity.

Write your own intentions

Discover the power of writing your intentions in a way that makes you feel good. In June, I am releasing a FREE eBook that will show you how to write your own intentions. You too can change your life in amazing ways!

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