Joyous Intention: Living from the Inside Out

In my previous written blog I wrote about taking my stress and changing what it means to me. The intention is really good and has made a lot of positive changes in my life.

“I joyous relish each opportunity to grow myself as an Awakener, for the benefit of all beings.”

This intention has spawned an idea for another intention as I look at the situation from a different perspective.

Living from the inside out

Changing the way I look at stress is an amazing intention and it does not deal with the entire spectrum. For the intention I wrote last week to be sparked something has to happen to me. That lowers the effectiveness of this intention. I am not going to throw away last week’s intention as it is extremely helpful. What I am going to do is create another intention that will work from the inside out. Instead of waiting for an opportunity I am going to write an intention based on the way I want to behave.

That is the beauty of writing intentions in a joyous manner is that they spark other intentions. Each intention that you will write for a something you want in reality or how you react to a situation will have a counter part for how you want to behave. Every time you write an intention that is from the outside in, you will be discovering an intention that you can write that is from the inside out. The more you write from how you want to be, the more you will discover amazing changes in your life.

Amazing change

An example of an amazing change that happened in my life that was a byproduct of my intention writing process was when I let go of my social cup. I used to have mental social cup. When I was out with people I could feel this cup fill up. When it was full, I was done with being social and I had to empty the cup again by spending time alone. This made it hard to be social. I would be having a lot of fun at a party and then my cup would fill up. When that happened it didn’t matter how much fun I was having, I would feel anxiety, self-conscious and want to leave the situation as fast as I could.

I remember one day when I was home alone, I noticed that my social cup was gone. While I was working from the inside out, without even noticing, I let the social cup go. Now I can spend a lot of time with people and just have a good time. I no longer have that mental restriction.

New Inside Out Intention

The intention that I wrote sparks a way that I want to live. The way I want to live is as an Awakener. As a coach I want to awaken you to your true potential. Awaken the part of you that can handle any situation with joy. To awaken your ability to unconditionally love.

I am living my ideal life each day with unconditional love as an amazing Awakener.

Writing the intention down and reading the intention out loud feels so good. I am looking forward to discovering all the amazing changes in my life that are spawned by this intention.


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