Spirituality has a touch of humor

One thing to make sure you include with your spirituality is a sense of humor. When you take away the sense of humor from your spiritual self, you are closing yourself off to an essential part of spirituality. The part you are closing off is the part that is meant to feel good. Feeling good is essential to a healthy spiritual life. When a person makes a joke at your spiritual life feel free to laugh at it if you find it funny. There are a lot of things about spirituality that is pretty hilarious.

Getting too serious will cause you to stifle your spiritual growth. One way to know that a spiritual guru is a charlatan is if they do not have a sense of humor. If the person was connected to the joy of the source of all there is, they will be able to take a good joke.

If the joke is not good, then just let it go.  There is no reason to take it personally. In fact it is even a good spiritual practice if letting go is part of your spiritual practice. The poor joke is now one of your teachers.

Here are two youtube clips I have found recently that do a good job of spoofy spirituality.

The first one is Arj Barker who created a song called Sickest Buddhist. Very funny if you have read about Buddhism

This one is by BellaVoce123. It is called I Need A Yogi. I found this one pretty funny and it doesn’t hurt that the singer is an attractive female.

Is there a youtube clip that you find funny about your spiritual life? Please share with me.

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