Integrity Perspective Three – How you really feel

Integrity is important if you want to live a joyful life. Having integrity means that you are living with a steadfast adherence to your strict moral and ethical code. If you are going to be a leader then having integrity is essential. It is hard to trust people who do not display integrity. Since we are all leaders in at least one way, integrity is a very important inner way of being intention for you to write. Especially since one of the people you have to lead is you. It all starts with you.

This blog series will be about three different perspectives of integrity. The third perspective is integrity with how you feel and who you are.

This perspective of integrity is one that is kind of sneaky. Having unconditional love for yourself is being able to accept yourself no matter how you are feeling at any given moment. This is very apparent in the spiritual movement. I have had conversations with spiritual people on how anger is not spiritual. This causes spiritual people to deny their true feelings and come out of integrity with how they are feeling at that moment. Not being integral with how you feel causes people to not trust you and also causes you to bury feelings instead of dealing with them.
It is like my favorite quote:

It is not that you must be free from fear. The moment you try to free yourself from fear, you create a resistance against fear. Resistance in any form doesn’t end fear. What is needed rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance is understanding fear; that means watch it; learn about it; come directly into contact with it.

-J. Krishnamurti

Feelings are just reactions to your outside or inside world. They are triggered. Disposing of all your negative emotions would be like getting rid of pain. Getting rid of pain might sound good on paper; in reality without pain you wouldn’t know when you were hurting yourself. You might just keep your hand on the stove allowing it to burn. That is what you are doing when you numb yourself or deny your negative emotions. You have triggers in your mind and when they are triggered you feel bad. To deny yourself from feeling that way is like keeping your hand on the stove telling yourself that it is fine for your hand to be cooked.

It is my belief that this is why people like to believe that being joyful is not being authentic. It is true that not feeling your emotions will cause people to not trust you as who would trust someone who keeps their hand on the stove and tells people that they are fine. Things happen. It is OK to be sad.
The problem arises when you stay in that negative feeling. The feeling exists. Experience it, learn from it and let it go. Living this way will allow you to live with more joy and more people will trust you.

My Inner Way of Being Intention:

I experience, learn from and release all my emotions while living my ideal life.

What is your inner intention on being truthful with how you feel?

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