Integrity Perspective Two – Promises to yourself

Integrity is important if you want to live a joyful life. Having integrity means that you are living with a steadfast adherence to your strict moral and ethical code. If you are going to be a leader then having integrity is essential. It is hard to trust people who do not display integrity. Since we are all leaders in at least one way, integrity is a very important inner way of being intention for you to write. Especially since one of the people you have to lead is you. It all starts with you.

This blog series will be about three different perspectives of integrity. The second perspective is integrity with yourself.

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Every time you tell yourself that you are going to do something and you do not do that something, you lose trust in yourself. One of the most popular ways people lose trust in themselves is the snooze alarm. Every time you set the alarm you are telling yourself that you are going to wake up at that time. Hitting the snooze alarm is a way you break the promise to yourself to wake up on time. Breaking enough promises to yours

elf causes you to not trust you. Then you might do things like treat yourself like a child and set your clock to a different time so you will be on time.

This damages you because every time you make plans you have to create new ways to trick yourself into doing what you want to do. This wastes a lot of energy because it is much easier to make a plan and follow through.

My Inner way of being intention:

With sage wisdom and inner joy I love myself by keeping promises to myself.


Every time you make a promise to yourself and then break it write yourself an apology note to make it up to yourself. Build integrity with yourself so you will be able to reach your goals.

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