Eight Keys for a Joyous Life Revisted

A year ago I wrote a blog post about the 8 keys to living a joyful life. Any life coach worth their salt has keys to life that they believe in. They are even better when they are in list form. Lists are fun to read as they are to make. If you live these eight keys you will live a happy life, no doubt about it. This blog post is going to put them all on one list for easy access.

Spiritual Life Coach: 8 Keys to Living a Joy Filled Life

  1. Find your placebo. Different ideas make different people happy. That is why there are so many self help books saying practically the same message. Each person has their own perspective on life, which causes different messages to speak with different people. With that in mind, find the message that speaks to you.
  2. Be positively selfish. Put your joy and well being in front of all others. When you do this you will have more to give. When you try to serve someone from lack you are not really serving them. A lot of times you are just piling¬† your baggage on top of theirs. Look at Mother Teresa as an example. She did not help people to fill an empty hole in her heart. She helped people because she believed she was doing God’s work. Doing the work of her God she was filled with joy.
  3. Receive abundance. You deserve to be happy and live with joy. Practice receiving joy and abundance. When people say nice things about you, say “thank you.” Allowing you to receive will allow you to give much more. Allow yourself to receive will bring a lot of joy into your life.
  4. Clarify and live your purpose. Having a purpose statement that helps keep you on track feels so good. Reading a statement that signifies what you are looking for in life is just amazing. Your purpose is the essence of who you are and your actions are the expression of that purpose. Your purpose is the sweet sound that calls the young sailor, from the song The Rainbow Connection.
  5. Move from joy to joy. Shift your perspective that all things happen. When something happens that you do not like, learn from it. When something happens that you do like, learn from it. Life is growth. You are always changing. Might as well enjoy the change. Failure is a human concept and eliminating the idea from your mind will allow you to move from joy to joy. Life is an amazing series of lessons. Your perspective is how you decide how much you enjoy the perspective. Plus the contrast of life is what causes you to expand. Enjoying the contrast allows you to live a more joyful life.
  6. Give up the illusion of being done. Part 1. Part 2. Life is growth. Give up the illusion of being done. There is no done. There is only growth.  Giving up the illusion of being done has so many perspectives. For one believing that you are done with an old pain can cause a lot of stress if you are triggered again. Giving up the illusion of being done allows you to let go when those old triggers occur again. Another perspective is the idea that when you reach your goal then you will be happy. Getting to the goal is not being done because there is always a new goal and a lot of the time the goal you just reach will have to expand to feel satisfying. A good reason to move from joy to joy. The journey is the fun.
  7. Love unconditionally. People are doing the best they can with what they are presented with. Love them. Remember you can love them from a different house or state. The more you love the more you are filled with love.
  8. Celebrate!! When you celebrate the little things in life, then life is one big celebration. Celebrating your life feels so good. Remember that your life is filled with many victories. Too many times you keep on looking to the future without celebrating everything you have accomplished to this point. Celebrate your life!

With the eight keys you can live a happy joyful life. Make the decision to put the eight keys to living a joyful life in your life today!

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    • Diane on September 28, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    Very good points presented in a fun way. I especially like #6. I often find the process even more interesting than the destination. When you are done the journey is over. I’m not ready to stop traveling.

  1. Thanks Diane! I am honored you read it.

    • Ssuan on December 19, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Great list. I have to say my favorite is #4. Living with purpose.
    I have found my “Rainbow Connection” and I am going to do what ever it takes to hold on and grow this to new heights. Life is way more joyful when you know you have made that connection with your higher purpose.

  2. Beautifully said Susan! I look forward to seeing your amazing success.

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