Dave’s Killer Bread Review

I discovered Dave’s Killer Bread at a street fair. When I tried it, I fell in love with the bread’s amazing taste. In my quest to find delicious healthy foods, I found that Dave’s Killer Bread excites my taste buds with every bite.

Living a joyful life includes enjoying what you eat. Eating food is a huge part of our lives. We need to eat food to survive. Finding something to eat that is both delicious and healthy is always a wonderful discovery.

During my time at a street fair, I saw their booth and decided to give it a try. With every sample I was more and more impressed by the quality of this bread. I decided to spend my money on the Ultimate Sinnamon Roll, Sin Dawg. The desert bread tasted very good. Now read the ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Organic whole wheat flour, organic raisins, water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic canola oil, organic molasses, organic sunflower seeds, organic flaxseed meal, organic sesame seeds, organic whole grain oats, organic wheat gluten, organic cinnamon, yeast, organic pumpkin seeds, salt, organic vanilla extract, organic rice bran extract.

The bread has 100 calories per ounce.

I used to buy a Sin Dawg every time I went to a street fair, however when I went to Costco I noticed that they had a pretty good deal on their bread. Plus they had free samples and they tasted so good.

Now it is the only bread that I eat. I have tried Good Seed Killer Bread, Killer Powerseed Bread, and Killer Good Seed Spelt Bread. Each one has their own distinct flavor and is filled with organic goodness.

The breads are so good that I will eat a slice for a snack or even two slices for a quick lunch if I am in a rush. I am satisfied by their at least 4 grams of fiber per slice. Also the three I have tried have at least 300 mg of Omega-3 ALA and 4 grams of protein. Not bad for bread.

Dave’s Killer Bread is the true wonder bread. I know that is corny. Do they still have Wonder Bread?

What do you eat that you find delicious and nutritious?

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  1. This bread is so good!

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