Top 15 Influences of 2000 to 2010

Beginning of last year I wrote a series of three blogs about the biggest influences in my life. I called them placebos because they helped me and they may not help everyone. They are the sugar pills that have helped me live a more joyful life. I am recommending them in an easier to read list for your enjoyment.

A lengthier description of each one can be found on the three blogs, 15-11, 10-6 and 5-1.

  1. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. The main influence I got from this book is the reminder to take a few moments each day to concentrate on my breath. Doing so just slows the world down and allows me to connect with my source.
  2. Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. I put them together because they are good friends and I discovered them at the same time. They are my first taste of self development. They both presented me with so many new thoughts for me to chew on.
  3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steve Covey. I cannot thank this book enough for being the book that presented unconditional love in a way that clicked with me. The part of the audiobook where Steve was talking to his friend about his wife changed my life forever.
  4. Boundary Solutions for Life by Joan Casey. Going to the series of seminars presented by Jovanna Casey was a treat. I really enjoyed her style and they were really well done. Working on my boundaries was exactly what I needed at the time.
  5. News for the Soul. News for the Soul gave me a free source of many spiritual teachers I would have never heard of without. Plus it was what introduced me to the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. That has been a huge help to me.
  6. David DeAngelo. I am not ashamed to say that my first foray into improving myself was to improve my ability to get dates. Without David DeAngelo I would have never discovered the wonderful world of personal development.
  7. Byron Katie. Seeing Byron Katie in person was a treat. Listening to her showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and unattachment.
  8. Adyashanti. Adyashanti is one of my favorite people to listen to. I really love his teaching style. He also presents the idea of ego that does not cause as much struggle as does with Tolle.
  9. Esther Hicks. The studying of Abraham has been a passion of mine. When I need a boost to make me feel good I enjoy popping in one of their CDs. I love their teachings on how to feel good.
  10. The website has put me in contact to a lot of amazing people. If you are interested in anything, join this website. You will find people who share your interests.
  11. David Deida. His book The Way of the Superior Man had two major influences on me. The first one was with the ideas presented in this book I let go of my anger towards women for not wanting to date me. Instead of blaming them for not seeing what a wonderful man I am, I decided to be the type of man who they would want to date. The other was the idea of living from purpose. Feels so satisfying.
  12. Invite Change. If you are looking to become a life coach I highly recommend going through Invite Change. They are never sitting on their laurels and are constantly changing their curriculum to best serve you in your desire to be a great coach. They constantly produce amazing coaches.
  13. Intentions. The intention process has helped me so much that I wrote my ebook dedicated to writing them. I am also making it a huge part of my first published book that I am currently working on. Write intentions and change your life.
  14. Kingpin. One of the most unlikely sources for an amazing influence, however this movie changed my life forever. You can read about it here about my blog on the day I took responsibility for my life.
  15. Warriorsage. I have met many amazing people in Warrior Sage. I have also been a part of a men’s group for years from this group. The best spiritual awakenings I have experience have been through what they used to call Illumination Intensives. They have gone through big changes and I am looking forward to working with them again.

What are the big influences in your life?

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