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Spiritual Life Coach discussing the ego as the New Age version of Satan

When talking to people about ego, I have noticed that many create a new enemy for themselves to fight. Many people think the ego is the reason they are unhappy. Many of those who believe in self empowerment think that the ego is the New Age version of Satan or the devil. Next time someone talks about the ego insert Satan and look at the conversation from a Christian perspective. You will notice that there are many similarities. The ego is the part of themselves that is keeping them back. Even Eckhart Tolle mentions in an interview that he does not see a purpose in working on the ego.

We are spiritual beings who are having a human experience and part of the human experience is the ego. The ego is our earth bound consciousness. It is the part of us that believes that everything we are taught is true. The spirit knows that all of this is an illusion. There is no battle between spirit and ego that people tend to suggest. What battle could there be? The spirit is eternal; the ego dies when the earthly body dies. When people write something like, “when we wrestle with our ego,” what they should be writing is, “when ego, wrestles with ego.” Even trying to let go of your ego just uses your ego to try to get rid of your ego.

Your ego is not the bad guy. The ego is a concept and doesn’t really exist in the physical world. The ego is a good way of explaining a part of our human existence and a good name to get it so you will understand the concept. The ego is not something that you hold in your hand or an evil force that keeps your spirit trapped in sadness.
Adyashanti has given me one of the best ways to think of the ego. Think of the ego as a coat. Enlightenment is taking the coat off. Then you can put it back on when you need an ego such as when you are talking to people.

There is no need to create a mystical thing to keep you from your happiness. There is no need to create a boogieman that barricades you from the life you want. Instead of creating something to blame, look for solutions. That is the beauty of life. Things will always happen. You will never be done with doing things. Done is death. Give up the illusion of being done. Be solution orientated.

Inner Way of Being Intention

With great joy I learn from all situations as I live a life being solution oriented, for the benefit of all beings.

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