Law of Attraction – Learning to Let Go

The Law of Attraction has many amazing aspects that work well with living in your daily life. In my path as a spiritual life coach, I use many of them every day. I work to deepen them and learn the lessons that come from them. The Law of Attraction is not only a good law to manifest what you want, it is also a good way to learn lessons on how to live your life. This is one of the blogs that discusses how I put the Law of Attraction into action in my daily life.

Spiritual Life Coach Tip on Law of Attraction: Learning to Let Go

If there has ever been a principle of the Law of Attraction that has been beaten in my brain repeatedly it is letting go. Letting go of my desires has been kind of difficult. The main reason it is hard is because I want my desires to actually happen. I have many hopes and dreams that I want to manifest into my reality. Yet the more I held onto my hopes and dreams, the less chance they would manifest.

I have been getting a lot of synchronistic, coincidence in time, events that constantly would tell me that I needed to learn to let go. I would be driving in the city looking for a parking spot. Right when I gave up and let go of my desire for a free parking spot or a parking spot in that area, someone would come out to the car in the parking spot right in front of me. It was so uncanny. It started with parking spots, and then it happened with money. When I gave up on the money I needed being there, I got 5 messages about sources of income, including one that is going to provide a stable one. It is honestly amazing me how much the Universe wants me to learn letting go at this moment in time.

The reason why letting go is so important because when you do not let go you put much focus on what you do not have and too much energy into trying to get what you desire.

<h2>Not here yet</h2>
By holding on to my desire so strongly, I was putting an emphasis on the fact that I did not have what I desired. When the focus was on wanting the desire to happen, I would attract myself to situations and events that were me wanting the desire to happen. The desire would never actually get to me because I would keep on attracting wanting the desire to happen. I was getting exactly what I had my focus on; the desire being there and me not having it. This led to negative emotions and thoughts which are the resistance to having what I wanted to manifest into my reality. The harder I held on to my desires the more resistance I created. Letting go of my desire would allow me to feel more positive emotions, thus removing the resistance to what I desire.

<h2>Too much energy on desire</h2>

I was putting too much energy into trying to get what I wanted. I would act based on the negative emotions that I was feeling. Working this way took a lot of energy. It was like I was peddling my canoe upstream. The more energy I would put into getting my desires, the more tired I became. This would make me feel tired and I would forget about the excitement I have on my desires. Nothing allows me to manifest my desires faster than having excitement for them. Losing the excitement would cause negative emotion, thus giving me resistance to my desires.

<h2>Let go and trust</h2>

Trusting that a desire will happen when the desire isn’t happening can be a struggle. It is just so easy to focus on the fact that the desire hasn’t happened yet. That is just lazy thinking. I do not want to take the easy way out. Focusing on what I want and knowing that I already have it takes some time and effort. Doing it is worth it. Letting go and trusting that the actions I am taking when I am inspired will move me closer to my desires allows me to not use too much energy when I do act. This is like I am peddling downstream. An example of this is blogging. During my early days of blogging for my business, I was peddling upstream. Each blog took over two hours to write and I would feel spent when the post was finally complete. I would post them and put a lot of energy wishing they would drive traffic to my site. When that didn’t happen, I would be crushed and my energy for writing blogs wavered. When I started to blog downstream, the joy of blogging and building relationships with amazing people like you, became the reason I blogged. Now I am writing blogs in 30 minutesand I am having fun. I can write multiple blogs on the same day. Also, at the beginning, I thought I would run out of ideas. Now I have more ideas than I do time to write them. I am enjoying the process of blogging now. I trust that my blogs will move me to the next step for my desires towards my business in ways that I hope and in ways that I cannot even imagine.

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Trusting in yourself and the Law of Attraction is the best way to let go. Just let go and trust that you are receiving the right inspiration.
What do you need to let go of in order to manifest your desires?

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