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The Law of Attraction has many amazing aspects that work well with living in your daily life. In my path as a spiritual life coach, I use many of them every day. I work to deepen

the law of attraction
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them and learn the lessons that come from them. The Law of Attraction is not only a good law to manifest what you want, it is also a good way to learn lessons on how to live your life. This is one of the blogs that discusses how I put the Law of Attraction into action in my daily life.

Spiritual Life Coach Tip on Law of Attraction: Loving the Events

that Happen

As discussed in my post on the Eight Keys for a Joyous Life Moving From Joy to Joy, there is a Law of Attraction principle about liking the events that happen in your life. Adopting the principles of the Law of Attraction has given me a different perspective about the what has happened in my life. Every event that happens in my life has happened. Some of them I do like and some of them I do not like. I will always have preference because I will always have some kind of ego. I cannot control the world around me; however I can control what they mean to me. No matter what happens, everything goes through a filter in my brain. That is why I can look at a situation in a completely different way than someone else who sees the exact situation. The Law of Attraction has done wonders with the idea that the things I do not want to happen spawn the desires for what I do want to happen.

The Law of Attraction is about noticing what you want and then removing the resistance to it. Resistance is negative thoughts and emotion. If you want something and you think about how you cannot get it and have negative emotions when you even think about what you want, then there is little chance that you are going to get it.

The beauty of the events that I do not like is that they show me what I do want. No matter what happens in my life there is always going to be an event that I do not like. When an event happens that I dislike, there is another event that happens in my mind. I create a desire for something that I do want. Without having events I do not want happening new desires would almost never be created. Without new desires there is stagnation. Stagnation is something I do not like, so even without living a life without events that I do not like happening, I would be lead to an event of something I do not like.

Using that principle of the Law of Attraction I am able to look at my life with a new perspective. The events that happen in my life that I do not like actually create more desires for what I do want. Then I work on removing the negative emotion from that event and I manifest what I do want. The more undesirable events that happen, the more negative emotions I clear up and the more I manifest. The more I manifest, the more I expand. Since I work with expanding through joy, I go through a constant joyous expansion. Therefore, with this perspective, I am able to enjoy the events that I do not like because they are essential to my joyous expansion.

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Finally, I am able to love the events that happen in my life.

The journey is half the fun, together we’ll nab it. Just reach out and grab it.

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How have events that you do not like caused

you to grow as a human being in an amazing way?

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