Law of Attraction – Listening to the Little Voice

The Law of Attraction has many amazing aspects that work well with living in your daily life. In my path as a spiritual life coach, I use many of them every day. I work to deepen them and learn the lessons that come from them. The Law of Attraction is not only a good law to manifest what you want, it is also a good way to learn lessons on how to live your life. This is one of the blogs that discusses how I put the Law of Attraction into action in my daily life.

Spiritual Life Coach Tip on Law of Attraction: Listening to the Whispers

As mentioned in the previous blog on the Law of Attraction, the Law of Attraction is the most effective when you are living your life through inspiration. Living your life through inspiration means that you have let go of the resistance to what you desire, thus bringing your desire into your reality. What does it mean to live your life through inspiration?

Inspiration is when you are listening to that little voice in the back of your mind. It is the whisper of consciousness that you interpret. Generally you interpret the stream of consciousness through a voice, which is why I call it a whisper. This whisper is your higher self, source, the Universe, God, and even your subconscious communicating with you. The whisper is of a greater consciousness than you are experiencing on a daily basis. The whisper understands more about the world around you than you do consciously. When you listen to the whisper and do the actions of the whisper then you are acting on inspiration.

Train yourself to listen to the whispers.

To be able to listen to the whispers, you have to be in a state where you are of little resistance. This can be either without thought or full of positive thoughts. That is why when you meditate sometimes you get thoughts you would never have before. Another time is when you are about to sleep. You have probably noticed that sometimes when you are half asleep you get an amazing idea or solution to a problem you have been facing. Sometimes the message comes when you are asleep and then when you wake up, you notice that you have had this amazing idea.

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The message does not have to come when you are asleep. The more you are feeling joyful and thinking positive thoughts the more times you will experience listening to the whispers. Soon the whispers will be a stream of consciousness that you listen to all of the time.

Joyful Transition

Sometimes when you are done with your current position in life you can hear the whispers starting. You may be done with your current vocation or relationship. Sometimes there is a lesson for you to learn. For me it was letting go. This is when listening to the whispers allows for a joyful transition. The whispers will come when you are stagnate and when it is time to expand beyond who you currently believe you to be. When the whispers first occur they will be subtle. The more you ignore the whispers the louder they will become. They will get louder until you are feeling the serious discord between who you are and who you know yourself to be.
Training yourself to listen to the whispers will allow you to go through a joyful transition as you are always becoming what you have already grown into.

What has been your loudest whisper?

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