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Spiritual life coach Brett Dupree looks back on the year 2010.

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2010 is coming to a close. I am grateful for how amazing 2010 was for me. 2010 was full of great experiences and great insights that helped me grow deeper into being the person that I am. 2010 was set apart from other years was the lack of outside resources that facilitated my joyous expansion. 2010 was more of a year for me to step up into my spiritual awakening. Instead of going for outside sources like books, seminars and podcasts for my discoveries on the nature of myself I tended to look within me and ask my own inner wisdom. With the help of my own life coaches I was able to make many great inner discoveries. That doesn’t mean I didn’t discover some really good placebos that helps me facilitate my growth. As with the placebos of 2009 and the placebos of the decade, what I mean by placebo is an outside source that helps me feel good about myself and that taught me a good principle that I could use in my life.

Spirituality and universal truths do nothing when they are left on the shelf and not acted upon. When I read books, attend the seminars and take what I learned, acting on the in my daily life is when I noticed extreme growth. Basis of my coaching and my teaching is for you to take your spirituality and live it in your reality. Placebos of the year award is to give you a window into how I am taking what I learned and putting it into my life. This is my second time giving out this award. I am thinking next year I should make a placebo trophy. So I can send the winner a trophy that has on top sugar pills.

The candidates for placebo the year.

Esther Hicks: Esther Hicks is a woman who channels the entity Abraham. Looking back on my placebos of the decade you would notice that she was in my top 15 list. Law of attraction is still a big part of my life. Learning about the law of attraction has helped me become a more joyous person. While giving me the tools to help manifest wonderful things in my life. This year the entity known as Abraham have put a huge emphasis on this idea called “The Vortex.” They release a new book about getting in the vortex that is help me put more of the ideals of the law of attraction into my daily life.

Recently Jerry and Esther Hicks has released a meditation CD with a guidebook. I got my hands on this CD four weeks ago and I’ve been listening to the general well-being that meditation every morning. I have found that listening to this meditation every morning does a good job setting the tone for the rest of my day. I highly recommend Jerry and Esther’s meditation CD.

What I learned from Jerry and Esther Hicks through their work there writing has done more than enough to put them in the nominations for placebo the year 2010

National Hypnosis Day: Early in 2010 there was a national hypnosis day. At the Seattle public library the Northwest hypnosis skills held a full free full day hypnosis conference. That day was a wonderful experience for me. I gained great clarity on where I want to take my business. Also on that day was a day I finalized exactly what my free e-book was going to be. Which you can download by going to my website National hypnosis day came at a perfect time for me since I was looking for a opportunity to go into a trance in real life. Before national have noses the conference I only went through with the CD or from reading a book. I thoroughly enjoyed the presenters and gained a lot and I’m looking forward to next year’s national hypnosis day.

Evolve Your Brain by Joe Dispenza: In early 2010 I also went to a speech given by Joe Dispenza. The two hours speech at the Center for spiritual living in Seattle was a very inspiring speech about how to direct thoughts in my mind. The speech also gave me insight to how my brain works, how the neurons connect, how I can use visualization and repetition to create new neural network connections in my brain to change my habitual thoughts.

I was so energized from listening to Joe Dispenza speak that I went out and bought his book. Evolve your brain is in extremely thick book. Not only is it over 470 pages long, there is not a wasted sentence in the entire book. Every paragraph is filled with so much information the book is almost overloading. However if you want to know how your brain works in a scientific way and how to use that knowledge into getting what you want in your life there is no better book that I found.

What I apply from this book is that every morning I spend at least 15 minutes visualizing my ideal self. I visualize how I want to look, how I want to act, how my ideal life would look like, how I would treat people, how I reacted many situations, and how I would go by the day as my ideal self. The more I have done this visualization more I am living as my ideal self in everyday life. The visualizations from this book is helping me living my joyous expansion spirituality and my important and personal values in my everyday life

Toastmasters: A friend of mine asked me if I was interested in joining Toastmasters. I can honestly say that joining Toastmasters was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Toastmasters is a wonderful organization that exists to help people in public speaking. The confidence I have gained from facing a fear of both writing a speech and then giving that speech has been amazing. I feel so much better in my ability to talk in front of people.

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The greatest part about Toastmasters is the fact that it’s really helped me in writing speeches and how to communicate my ideas that I have to people in 7 min. and learn how to frame it in a way so I don’t confuse my audience and really help drive my point across. The benefits I happen Toastmasters in my daily life is hard to describe. Toastmasters has helped me be more of myself in front of people into really only who I am. I highly recommend Toastmasters to anyone who is thinking of it.

Quantum Entrepreneur by Heather Pickens: The quantum entrepreneur program that is designed by Heather Pickens is a program that helps use the principles of the law of attraction for business. Through weekly talks and exercises, people are taught how to shift their beliefs and use the law of attraction to get them where they want to go in their business.

One of the best aspects of the quantum entrepreneur program by Heather Pickens is the fact that Heather really cares about her clients and truly wishes for their success. By going through the program myself I can tell she is really put her heart and soul into her program. Joining the program, listening to weekly talks, even participating if you have the time, going to the forums, and doing all the exercises it would be nearly impossible not to gain great value from this program.

Winner of the 2011 placebo of the year award is:

Quantum Entrepreneur by Heather Pickens. Choosing a winner this year was extremely difficult as it is every year. Each one of the top placebos has affected my life in a very positive way. Quantum entrepreneur won the award due to the fact that it really helped me give focus on my business. I realize what I was asking for when it came to building my coaching business and notice how small it was. I also noticed that I was not giving my full commitment. Joining and participating in the quantum entrepreneur program has helped me solidify my commitment to not only my life coaching business, is helped solidify my commitment to creating a joyous expansion in this world. I am a ripple that will affect many lives. The year 2011 I am going from a ripple to a tidal wave.

What is your 2010 placebo of the year?

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