2011 Spiritual Life Coach from Ripple to Tidal Wave – Slow down

Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Slow Down

As a spiritual life coach, I have done a good job of creating a positive ripple that has affected the world around me. My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is simple. I’m going to expand the ripple that I created into tidal waves of positive energy that will envelope this world and affect many lives.

Welcome to 2011. As with many New Years you are probably making promises to yourself that you intend to not break. This was the subject of last year’s New Years blog. Now is a good time to read how 2010 is going to be different. That information is still relevant today.

Being born in the late 70s, I always had vision of the future. Now it is 2011 and I am absolutely amazed by the fact that it is 11 years since 2000. Even though I do not have my flying car, shoes that tie themselves, a hover board, and all of the other inventions that I was promised in Back to the Future 2, I am absolutely amazed by the technological advances that exist in my time. In fact, I am actually talking into my computer using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to write this blog. It is like I am on Star Trek saying “hey computer,” and then the computer is actually doing what I asked it to do. What a wonderful time to live.

New Year’s day is known for two things, parties and resolutions. A lot of people tend to shy away from New Year’s resolutions because they know that most people do not follow through with them. That is a mistake. At the beginning of the year there is this amazing energy for change. In your mind you are turning over a new chapter in your life. Because of this extra meaning, it is a good time to write down your desired changes for the coming year. The secret is to maintain this energy for change throughout the year. Do not take up too much at first and wear yourself out. Slowly work into your goals one at a time.

Slowly working into your goals.

If you’re the type of person who makes a huge list on New Year’s only to feel overwhelmed and eventually just give them all up, it is time to change that nonworking habit. When you write your New Year’s resolutions this year, write them in a way that allows you to take slow and progressive steps. If you have 10 goals, write down one action that will help forward your momentum that you could do this month for each goals. Do this monthly habit increasing the amount of actions each month.

Another thing you can try is one new goal a month. Instead of having 10 goals and trying to accomplish them all in January, you can pick one goal for the month. Start the next goal in February and another goal in March and so on.. I have tried this way of goal setting for my New Year’s resolutions with great results.

Those are just two ideas that can help keep you keep your New Year’s resolutions while helping you ride the wave of the energy that is generated from the excitement of a new year.

What New Year’s resolution are you going to start in January?

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