Guest Blog: Forgive to Win

GUEST BLOG: A way to open up your heart to joy is forgiveness.

One of my favorite quotes is “To hold a grudge is to poison yourself and expect the other person to get sick.” Walter E. Jacobson has written a book on forgiveness. Today I share with you a resource you can use to be the best you that you can be. Live your dreams, get the girl, shower in money, so on and so on.

Forgive To Win!

By Walter E Jacobson, MD

“I wrote the book, Forgive To Win!, because during my many years helping people as a board-certified psychiatrist, I realized that the cause of most people’s unhappiness, depression, anxiety, anger, and frustration with their health, their relationships, their career and their finances is self-sabotage.

Most people get in their own way. They don’t do things they know they need to do and when they do take action they make poor choices that impact negatively on their lives and keep them from attracting and manifesting all that they desire and aspire to accomplish.

When I started teaching my patients the secret to ending their self-sabotaging behaviors (spiritual techniques and cognitive tools designed to increase self-esteem and eliminate guilt, shame and self-loathing deeply embedded in the unconscious mind), their emotional turmoil subsided and their lives got better!

I realized that the Forgiveness Diet, my structured 90-day program for ending self-sabotage, was something that could benefit a great many people, particularly those who repeatedly buy self-help books but don’t get the results that they desire.

My Forgiveness Diet is not complicated. And it works!  With diligent practice and persistence, you can generate love and harmony, increase self-confidence, eliminate fear and worry, be happy, and live a life of value and meaning.

When you re-program your mind to neutralize your negative, harsh Inner Critic, that voice inside yourself that subconsciously causes you to sabotage your opportunities and best efforts, everything changes. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with Forgive To Win!”

Today, October 18th only, when you order this extraordinary, life-changing book, you will receive over 100 free bonus gifts from people who have partnered with me on my book launch because they believe in the power of my book to help you transform your life.

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  1. I have seen the benefit of being forgiven and having forgiven someone who had hurt me. I may have been justified in my anger, but carrying that anger around was too much work and caused too much stress on me physically and emotionally. It was easier to let it go.

    As a physician, I have seen the patient who “should” be getting better, but does not because they have anger holding them back from making the progress we would expect. Check out this article.

    Dr. Charles L. Foster
    Rutland, VT

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