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You have probably made a promise to yourself that you have broken. You created a big goal and then did not follow through with the goal. The easy way to handle the situation is to give up. You have already fallen off the horse, you might as well stay on. The truth of the matter is there is no horse. You have created a system of feeling bad. First you create a reason for you to feel bad and then you follow through with the feel bad action.

There is no need to do this. Just change the way you talk to yourself. If you “fall off the horse” tell yourself that you can just get back on and everything will be fine. You can keep on going towards your dreams. Life is long and there is plenty of time to make up.

Keep on reaching for your dreams! You can do it! I have faith in you! The universe has faith in you! Love has faith in you!

Did I get them all? Have an amazing day!

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