Be Honest With Your Look Back

Yesterday I wrote in my blog December to Remember I wrote how December is a good time to look back and plan ahead.
What makes the look back and planning ahead valuable is the ability to be honest with yourself and have at least judgement as possible. By least judgement as possible is to not give yourself an excuse to feel bad for the things you wanted to accomplish but didn’t. To be more accurate I mean negative judgement as celebrating accomplishments is a form of judgements. Learn from your mistakes or missteps. That is how you grow as a person. Life is a practice and the way you improve anything is deliberate practice. As discussed in the book, [amazon_link id=”1591842948″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Talented is Overrated. [/amazon_link]

You are not done with growing up as a person until you die. Making the slight adjustments will allow you to make the changes you need to live the life of your dreams. You can even make intentions out of them.

Looking at my year there are a few goals that I did not accomplish like I wanted to.  I am not where I want to be in my health, vocation and financial goals that I made last year. Luckily I realize that one of the keys to joy is to give up the illusion of being done.  That is relevant to me because I thought I have learned enough to get those areas of my life handled in 2011. What I have to learn in all three is practically the same. The remembering that life is a practice. I put to much emphasis on the results rather than the process. The process of the constant working on myself and self improvement. Hitting a wall, learning from that wall and then moving through the wall with new lessons. Without noticing I created new contracts for disappointment.

My intention is, “Through complete self love, I express my inner joy through owning the strength of my being as I continually expand my being from the inside out.”

I look forward to an amazing 2012!

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