Pick a Theme – Use The Power of Slogans

Where’s the beef? I’m lovin’ it. Finger licking good. Dude, you gotta get a Dell? Choice of a new generation. Everybody needs a little KFC. Every kiss begins with Kay. Napa know how.

The above are all examples of short sweet statements that companies use to get you to buy their products. They work because they are short and sweet. Plus they display them anywhere they can to get it stuck in your head.

It is very effective marketing and it is time to use that marketing to your advantage. When it comes to your 2012, create a theme. The theme of your 2012 should be a short and simple statement. One of my most successful clients used, “Woman of action.” Simple and too the point. She used that slogan over and over again and became that woman of action she wanted to be.

When choosing a theme, decide on what you want to work on and how it excites you. The exciting part is very important. The theme should at least be as exciting as getting a Big Mac. You want to be energized every time you think, say or read your theme. If you are making a 2012 scrapbook or vision board, put the theme on top. Use it to keep you inspired and motivated.


My theme is “Back to the Basics.” I am picking three areas of my life that I am focusing on in 2012. Three basic areas. My health, finances and home are going to be energized in 2012. Last year it was “Ripples to Tidal Waves.” I made big changes with that theme and made big leaps in my life and business. Now it is time to get the basics down to create a bigger base so that I can create a bigger structure! 2012 is an amazing year. Ride the Wave! (That would be a good theme, you can have it, free of charge.)

What is your theme for 2012?

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