2012: Year of Change: Half way through

Today marks June 1st. The month that marks half way through the year of change. How are you doing with your New Years resolution?

English: Sculpture of a New World 2012 Earth

English: Sculpture of a New World 2012 Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a rumor that 2012 is the last year that we are on this planet as the world is going to end. Why not make that true. The end of your world and the birth of a new world. A world without your limitations. A world without limiting beliefs and negative self talk. A world where you reach for your dreams. A world where you ask yourself, “How you can?” instead of telling yourself “Why you can’t?”


I am in the process of my 2012 transformation. Each month I have decided to add in a new aspect of my life to work out. It is June and I am back on my business. Back on spending hours writing, marketing and building a wonderful relationship with you. The amazing you that you are. Lets unlock the secrets to your greatness together.


You have 6 more months to take advantage of this magical year. Do not waste it. What step are you going to make today to create the transformation in your life right now?


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