Forgive Yourself

In your life you have done things that makes you feel ashamed. This could even be an action you did that you think of over and over again. You spend time wishing that you can go back in time and do things differently.


I know I have had times in my life. Sometimes they are huge, like being a jerk to someone because I feel inadequate. Other times it is something small, like building a time machine to go back in time to tell myself not to eat the entire pizza. As we all know that would create a paradox, since if I didn’t eat the entire pizza, I wouldn’t send myself back to tell myself to not eat the pizza.

Someone I care about not to long ago told me that they will never forgive themself for what they did to me. I can say as the person that the wrong was done, that not forgiving themself does not change the situation. The more important aspect is the fact that it doesn’t help the situation.

How does not forgiving yourself serve the situation? How does not forgiving yourself serve you? The answer to both of those questions is the fact that it doesn’t. You are not served by not forgiving yourself. There is nothing more important. What happened in the past, is in the past. All you can do is work on the future. You cannot change the past, but you can make a good present. Thus creating a wonderful future.

Life is all about what serves you. Forgive yourself. Live your present with love. The past may not change, the person may never forgive you, and all that matters is you be the best you that you can be from this day forward. Learn from past mistakes and become a better person.

Love and light,
Brett Dupree


PS. I know themself is not a correct use of English.

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    • Jack Grabon on September 18, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    It’s funny, but I’ve fantasized about having a time machine to go back and change things too 🙂 However, if I could only change one thing, I wouldn’t waste it on all of those little things that seem like big things from close up. Having that pizza might’ve been a regret right after, but not a big deal in the scheme of things. Everything is relative. So, through this thought experiment I found that I would forever be putting off time travel for that big thing I screw up someday, also realizing that it would never come to pass if it was like anything else I have already faced.

    I agree that the answer to your question (“How does not forgiving yourself serve you?”) is that it ultimately doesn’t. However, I also believe that it does serve us. It is a self-protecting mechanism that is preventing something worse from happening, whether internal or external, real or imagined. There is some adaptive process occurring. So, it has a short-term purpose (however pathological) but it doesn’t serve us in the long run. I think that it’s important to get to the heart of how not forgiving IS serving us so that we can increase awareness and then really shift things. Otherwise, we’re just fighting against another part of ourselves.

    • relationship experts on September 25, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Great blog, thank you and keep it up!

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