Whole 30 Challenge: Week 4

Wow, I am almost done with my challenge. This Friday I will be done with the challenge. It has been very interesting.

On a whole I think I did a pretty decent job. I was not perfect. I wasn’t close to perfect. I probably ate more trace sugar meals than I should have. I wasn’t super careful with that. I also did have one slip where I ate rice and cake. Both are huge no-nos. Plus I probably ate too much fruit. By probably, I think it did. I pretty much had fruit two meals a day. I think it is supposed to be closer to one. Just after a meal with meat and vegetables, some raspberries or a plum sounds really good. Plus they tasted good.

The positives is that this is a challenge I never thought I could even finish. I never thought I had a chance. No sugar or grains for a month? That is a lot of things to give up. A LOT of FOOD to give up. However I have done it. I have done much better than I ever had on such a challenge. I will post on Friday my final details. I do miss beer. Well super bowl weekend I will have beer.
What do I mean Superbowl weekend I will have beer? Well it turns out the crossfit gym that I go to is having a real food challenge starting February 4th. Meaning that I ending my food challenge in January and taking up another food challenge in February. Yeah!

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    • Cindy Barrett on January 28, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    Your doing great! Good things to come.

  1. Way to go! I am confused about the fruit intake. I’ve heard that fruit is NOT the same as sugar and that a safe and healthy diet includes plenty of fruit. Of course, I remember the old carb addicts diets that didn’t allow fruits. That just doesn’t sound healthy. How are you feeling physicaly?

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