How to Deal with being Nervous for Speaking

I have been a Toastmaster for just over two years now. When I am asked to speak, I still feel nervous. The benefit that I have is that I learned a good way for me to handle being nervous. I am going to share them with you.


  1. Breath: Your breath is not only an indicator on how you feel, it is also a good way to control how you feel. If you slow down your breathing and breath deep, you will notice that the nervousness is easier to handle.
  2. Remember:  I remember what nervousness is. Being nervous is a reaction of my body due to
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    thoughts I am having. There is a reason for me to be scared. However with the knowledge that my fear is a process that I am doing, then I can remember that I can change my feeling.

  3. Pivot: I change what being nervous means to me. I love personal growth and if I feel nervous about speaking, and I speak I will grow as a person. There I turned my nervousness as a reminder of me growing. I think of all the positives about being nervous.
  4. Positive Emotions: Now that my nervousness is a positive, I can now work my positive emotions. You can feel anyway you want at any time.Just think about a positive memory, any of your favorite

    memories. If you are able all your favorite memories one after another. Notice how amazing you feel. After blasting my body with powerful emotions it is time for the next step.

  5. Find the Positives of the Speech: I look at all of the positives of why I am speaking. What benefit is this speech to the crowd? How am I going to grow as a person from this speech. How I have a chance to change people’s lives. Heck I am getting excited right now just writing those thing.
  6. Turn It Up To 11: Right now you should be ready to speak and feeling really good about it. Why feel really good when you can feel really great? Why feel only really great when you can feel totally awesome? Why feel only awesome when you can feel absolutely positively amazingly totally awesome? I blast myself more with my positive emotions right before I get up to speak.

I love my method for dealing with nervousness because too many of the techniques just gets you to the point of being not nervous or still nervous but suffering through it. Nervousness is an energy and my process allows me to use that nervous energy and turn it into excitement. Step by glorious step. If you are going to try this, try it about 5 times. With the practice you should get pretty good at it and ROCK your speeches!

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  1. Excellent primer for one of the most feared activities! Thank you for sharing!

    • Maggie Grice on January 15, 2013 at 7:48 am

    Thank you for these tips! I have to speak to a group tonight and I will definitely use your advice. My favorite – think about the positives and how they will change lives.
    Have a great day!

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