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Fail Gloriously


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This weekend I went to a seminar on how to present Law of Attraction principles to a group of people. During the seminar I noticed that I really liked one of the speakers energy and presentation style. He kept on mentioning his time at Toastmasters. I have been a Toastmaster for 2 years and one thing I know about Toastmasters is that they are helpful and supportive people.

I decided to take advantage of this knowledge to ask him for a favor to help me with my upcoming contest. When explaining my Toastmaster background I told him how I made it to District in Washington by mostly using emotion and excitement. It turns out that he wanted to show people the power of using emotion in speeches. He had an exercise he runs with people where you act like a Sunday Evangelical preacher. Starting all sentences with “Oh my brothers and sisters…”

My first thought when I was asked was, “OK, yea, sounds like fun.” Then as I sat down the nervousness sat in. There were two hundred people in that audience and I wanted to impress them. What if I get up there and panic? What if I fail?

Then the answer came to me. “If you are going to fail, fail gloriously.”

My inner voice was right. For one, I know what to do when I feel nervous. Do you want to know what to do when you feel nervous? Here is what I do. Well I will write that in tomorrow’s blog.

For two, the most important action for me to do is to do it. There are only two outcome categories. A celebration or a teaching opportunity. Either I am going to celebrate doing a great job or I am going to learn from the experience.

Not only did I decide that I was going to go all out and not hold back at all. I decided that the first line is going to be how I was nervous and how if I was going to fail, I was going to fail gloriously. The crowd erupted when I proclaimed at the top of my lungs, “If I am going to fail, I am going to fail gloriously!”

Going all out felt so good. When you are in a situation where you might fail, go all out. You will either have a great time like I did or you will find a great life lesson. Not only that you will extend your comfort zone. If you are going to fail, fail gloriously.

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