Optimal Path: Journey of Love

Ever met someone and in the first few minutes think they were one of the most amazing people you have ever met? Luckily for me I had an amazing experience during my first Life Coaching class, Living your Vision I met at least 3 such people.

One of them is Jodi Hyde. When I first saw Jodi Hyde, she lit up the room. This girl is a sparkly diamond in a room full of diamonds. A woman filled with such love and joy that it is impossible to not feel amazing being around her. I am happy that I have been able to remain in touch with her over the years. When I wanted to start a meetup she was my first choice to be a co-organizer. She is soul sister as our paths in love and joy are very similar.

Two weeks ago I learned that her and your partner are taking a road trip that they are calling World Wide Love Tour. Isn’t that a good name? They are blogging about their adventure.

I highly recommend following them on their journey.




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  1. What are they doing on the tour?

  2. Spreading love and community.

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