Watch a Hot Lady Strip

Kat Kim: The Beauty Uprising

A very attractive coach that I know is stripping. Kat Kim, the owner of The Beauty Uprising is throwing it all off. She is also inviting you to strip with her.

It is true. Here is the proof, a quote from her blog about her stripping.

Well it’s true. I’m stripping, and I’d love for you to join me. It’s time to take off all the unnecessary layers that have been confining and preventing us from moving forward. It’s time to get down to the bare minimum.

She goes on to say:

As a start-up solo entrepreneur with an inquiring mind I have consumed copious amounts of information on how to start a business, how to market, how to sell and how to brand. I have learned “best strategies” for blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. You name it I’ve most likely bought a product, book or training program on it.

Which is something I can relate to. There are many avenues I have taken to get my message out there to you. Many marketing strategies that I have learned. Some have failed and some have failed miserably. Like her I am also stripping away. I am giving into spirit. Doing what feels right and going with the source of who I am. I am doing what feels good. That is my version of her words and new outlook. I love blogging, so I am going to blog. I love talking, so I am doing a monthly podcast. I love coaching, so I am going to coach.

What do you find fun? What can you strip down?

Kat Kim is **REDEFINING BEAUTY** Transformation Queen, Master Manifestor, Spiritual Badass. Promoting *Self Change thru SELF LOVE* Speaker, Co-author. Go to:

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  1. Eye catching headline…certainly drew me in. Chatty style, like your approach. Synchronicity…my post yesterday was all about having more with less.

    • Corinna on January 30, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Cannot wait to see the podcasts!

  2. Information, to-do list, and stuff overload! Yes – I’m ready to strip them away too.

    My top two are:

    1. clutter
    2. social media

    haha…just kidding about social media. But I am inspired to delete a lot of clutter from my life. Thank you for this witty video 🙂

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