Week 2 30 Day Challenge Update – Whole9

I have now done 2 weeks of my 30 day challenge. That is 14 days. I am a little disappointed to say that I did have one slip up. At one meal this week not only did I eat rice, I ate a piece of cake.

However instead of looking at this slip up as a failure, I am going to do look at it as an opportunity. I am going to learn from this slip up. Historically when I slip, I find slipping the next time easier, or I use the slipping as an excuse to slip again.

This time I am going to notice those feelings and thoughts and reverse them. I have changed my goal on this project to have zero slip ups to having one slip ups. I am not starting over again. I just had a stumble and it is time to get back up. I am going to finish this challenge. I might slip again. I don’t know the future and I am not perfect. I will do my best and go at it as with the intention of joyously finishing my 30 days.

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  1. Give yourself a break. We are not perfect. Good for you for calling it a slip up and not quitting. So you slip and have a piece of cake. If it keeps you from completely going off the trail then so be it. I am trying to lose weight and exercise and it is a constant battle and I give myself a pat for each thing I do complete. Keep in touch.

  2. Great article. I myself have been on a personal challenge to lose some weight. I have lost 40 lbs up to now but of course when the holidays rolled around, I had a few “slips”. I love the way you suggest reversing it because you are so right; that first slip can become habit and before long you are right back where you started, if not worse. Thanks for sharing!

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