Week 3: Whole 30 challenge

They say the third week is when things get easier. I am find that my third week has been easier.

One game I play in the grocery store is, “yea I want that.” When I am walking down an aisle and I see something that doesn’t fit the diet, however I do want I say to myself, “yea I want that.” Then I move on. I am noticing that fighting my desires and cravings just cause more desires and cravings. It is a fun way of putting, “What you resist, persists,” into action. If I resist my desire for my food, it will rule me. If I only recognize that I want the food and realize that I can have it if I want the food. It then becomes a choice to move on.

There is no one but me who really cares if I am doing this diet. I am telling my friends because keeping myself honest helps. Especially during the first two weeks. However I can quit at anytime. There is nothing stopping me. I am not going to quit because I am choosing not to. I am choosing not to. It is my choice. I am at choice. That is power.

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  1. How empowering! We are so accustomed to beating ourselves up because we desire the forbidden foods during our diet. To simply acknowledge and walk away is taking the power back. Ya-ay! And you're right there's something about putting up a resistance to or forbidden sign that increases the desire. Proof is when we tell our children not to do something and draw so much attention to it that they desire the thing or relationship even more.

  2. How’s the diet going? Sounds like it’s getting easier. I like the idea of acknowledging your desires, even if you don’t give in to them.

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