February Challenge Round Up

In February I gave myself three challenges. I would love to say that I completed them all with little problem.


Cover of "Soul Coaching"

Cover of Soul Coaching

Truth is I did not complete them all. In fact I barely did EFT after the first week. I got two weeks into the money and the Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self.


It turns out that doing something on a daily basis is more difficult for me than taking something away.

I did not think what would happen if I didn’t follow through with my challenge.
I have decided that I will carry over part of the challenge and then do a joyful punishment.

I will complete the next 14 days in the Soul Coaching book. I will take as long as I need to complete them as completing the challenge is more important than doing it within time. I will set the time limit to June, so I at least have some boundary.

I am dropping EFT from any daily effort. Turns out I only like doing EFT in groups.

With the money game challenge, I am going to save up for a house. I can use all the payments I missed spending as a down payment.

My joyful punishment will be giving up something that doesn’t serve me and then replacing it with something that does.

I am giving up Facebook Games that take time. I am taking about games like Farmville. I don’t play Farmville, but people know what is Farmville. I play two games that are like that. I notice that they just take time and don’t really enrich my life. However I can’t just give something up without replacing it. If I do that then I will create a vacuum for another habit that doesn’t serve me.

The habit I will put in its place is a morning meditation and evening reading. When I feel the urge to play the game, I will either meditate at my alter or read a book. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza will be the first book I read. I love that guy.



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