3 Things I have learned from Crossfit

3 Things I have learned from Crossfit

It was a cold February morning, as I cautiously walked into a big poorly lite warehouse. I was nervous, because on that day was going to be my first crossfit workout. I was going to find out if the horror stories were true. As I start with the joint articulations, which feel as funny as I look right now, the fear was mounting. It wasn’t too long until I was done with the warmup. I was pooped. I could have gone home right then working out harder than I have in months, but no, I still had the main workout. The workout was 3 rounds, 21 reps, 15 reps and then 9 reps. Each round had three exercises. Burpees, which have nothing to do with burping. Kettle bells, which you put a kettle bell between your legs, thrust your hips to put it up above your head. Just like making love and lunges.


Day 143/September 6 -  Kettle Bells #2

Day 143/September 6 – Kettle Bells #2 (Photo credit: John Piekos)

I told the coach that there was no way I could do 21. He had faith in me as he looked me square in the eye and said, “ You can do 21.” Feeling pumped and using the power of his faith in me, I began the workout. I did 21 burpees. I started to feel confident as I complete 21 kettle bells. Then finally with the 21 lunges, I proved me right. As I sat down asking if he could get me water, with him telling me where the water was, which my thought in my head was, “If I could go get water right now, I would.” Soon I was asking wondering to myself, which would happen first, “am I going to puke or pass out?” That was the first time in my life where I experienced my vision getting darker. I paid good money for that experience.


I have kept with crossfit since then, which means I have be sore for 5 months. Not only have I gotten in better shape since then, crossfit has reinforced some amazing life lessons, which I am going to share three of them with you right now.


Sumo style kettle bell

Sumo style kettle bell (Photo credit: bionicteaching)

Since I have started crossfit, I am in much better shape. I feel better about myself and my body thanks me. I would

not feel this good right now if I did not start on that cold February morning.

Lesson 1! To reach a goal, you have to start.  The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. I had all the excuses not to start. I was so out of shape that walking three hilly Seattle blocks would tire me out, I was going to miss two weeks due to Lasik Surgery and it is pricey. However, I started and today I am very happy that I did. The best way to never reach your goal is to not start. Put down the excuses and start today. Soon enough, you will be an amazing speaker.


As I said, when I started crossfit, I was winded after walking three blocks. One of the benefits of crossfit is being surrounded by supportive people. Some of them have been crossfitters for years and in much better shape than I was.

Lesson 2! You are, where you are. A great man once said, “I yam, what a yam.” When I started crossfit, workouts that took on average of 20 minutes, would take me 40. I reminded myself constantly, all I can do is my best. Just like in Toastmasters. You do not have to be as good of a speaker as anyone on the stage. The purpose is your own personal improvement. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t as good as the people you admire. What matters is, you are only as good as you are right now, and that bar will improve each time you practice. It will not be too long until you are one of the people, that people think, “Why can’t I be as good as you?”


While I was improving in crossfit, there was this day about 3 months in where I was smiling after the first 400 meter run. I do not like running for obvious reasons, but this time I was all smiles. I just jogged a full 400 meters without stopping. Well, slowly plodded, however totally worth celebrating.

Lesson 3! Celebrate your accomplishments. Give yourself a pat on the back right now. You could be reading anything but you are reading a self improvement blog. Celebrate that fact.  In crossfit, I celebrate when I can push myself harder, finish a full workout, finish a workout in a good time, and even when I wake up early to go to the crossfit. I have not seen this quote associated with anyone else, so I decided I have coined it.

When you celebrate the little things in life, life is one big celebration.

-Brett Dupree

When you read one of my blogs, celebrate. When you read a book, such as Power to Change, celebrate. When you reach a small goal, celebrate. When you take a step towards the next goal, celebrate. Be sure to celebrate every one of your accomplishments, big or small. You deserve it.


Crossfit, lhas changed my life for the better. There are many more life lessons that I reenforce with every workout. Today I shared the three most important, You will never reach your goals if you do not start, You are where you are and celebrate your freaking life. To keep yourself full of energy and motivation I invite you to look at the life lessons you gain with every life changing process.

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  1. I have blogged 9 days in a row and I start back to school today! I celebrate! Nice to find you via ubc!

    • Tee Ming Ooi on April 8, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    I'm in a similar program called Fitness Bootcamp. Ahh.. those dreaded Burpees.. sounds so fun but after a minute of those, not so fun! Actually I have increased my stamina for running, toned my arm and legs muscles and decreased belly fat.

  2. I could have died laughing when you described how you couldn’t get water. Good for you for sticking to it! I really like your first lesson. I have been in what feels like the starting stages of my current goal for about three months. I continually remind myself to stick to it!

  3. Congratulations on sticking with it!!! I am guilty of not ever starting when I know something will be that great a challenge. LOVE your quote! I want to get better at celebrating the little things.

    • Recaudación de Fondos on April 10, 2013 at 9:00 am

    HI Tee, you're in such great shape! I am slowly working on mine.

    • Tee Ming Ooi on April 10, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Thank you! Consistency is key. I've had to decline morning meetings and move appointments so that I can make it to fitness boot camp. Stick with your efforts, the results are worth it!

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