Cleaning as a Metaphor as Personal Growth?

As I am cleaning my apartment I have noticed that cleaning is a great metaphor for personal development.

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    There will be more to clean. There is no done in cleaning. There is done for now, or for today, however tomorrow, unless you don’t cook your own meals, there will be more to clean up. Then after a week to a month, time to dust again or vacuum or really clean those dishes, toilet and all the other fun things to clean. Same with personal development. Always being and always becoming. There will always be stuff to clean up in your mind and spirit. One reason why a good personal development habit is good to form. Like meditation.

  2. Feels good after you are finished. The fun personal development high. Like the feeling of looking at a nice clean kitchen. Feels so good to be finished for now. To get through all the gunk and grime.
  3. Not something that is fun to start. Getting started sucks. Especially in today’s age when there is so many fun things to do. Like watch Doctor Who or surf the web for hours on end. It isn’t always easy to work on yourself. Especially when you are working on something dark and tough.
  4. It is easy to get distracted. Here I am blogging instead of finishing picking up my living room. I will get to it, right after I finish surfing on the history of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Wow, did the Colonel get rejected a lot. There is probably a blog in there somewhere. When meditating or any other personal development practice, it is very easy to be distracted and find something else to do.
  5. Needs to be done. Living in a house that is a pig sty, is about as much fun living in a mind and connection to spirit that is just the same. The less you do, the more things will pile up, until things are just too dirty. Just like personal development it is better to do when things are going well, because then things will be easier to clean.

So many ways cleaning is like personal development. One way it is always good to have someone help you. Like a life coach. A life coach can help your personal development go smoother and get you results quicker. They will also celebrate your clean house with you.

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    • Fran on April 5, 2013 at 2:15 am

    Very interesting, weeding reminds me to attend to the weeds in my life, those things that don’t nourish me, now when I do the cleaning I will be reminded to work on my personal development and the things that do nourish me and my growth as a person.

  1. Great comparison! Thanks for sharing!

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