Year of Challenges is Over

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With great joy and love in my heart I have decided to cancel my Year of Challenges. The reason is simple. I feel I got my lesson from what I was going for and the monthly challenges didn’t feel as compelling as I thought it would be.

Not that doing a challenge a month is a bad thing. I enjoyed doing the challenges, even though I fell off the wagon a little in March and February.


The main lesson is the reminder that the joy is the journey. It is not the completion of challenges that brings joy. The joy is from what I learn from the challenge. I believe that I will gain more this year by focusing more on “The Joy is in the Journey,” rather than going from challenge to challenge.

When you create goals for yourself it is a good idea not to get caught up in the goal. You want to figure out why you want to reach that goal and see if that goal still serves you after a while. I noticed that the year of challenges wasn’t serving me like I thought it would. I am still going to focus more on certain aspects of my life each month.

April is going to be focusing more on business, getting into blogging, tweeting and writing of my book.

Ultimate Blog Challenge has started again, and why not do my best to hit over 20 blogs this month. I have another guest blog tomorrow. Fun!



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  1. Very well written! I like how you rethought your goals and changed what wasn't working. Best wishes to you!

  2. It sounds like you had a break through! It is easy to feel obligated to plod ahead when you set a goal. If you have already gotten what you needed from the effort, it displays wisdom to move on.

  3. Great article – I really enjoyed your point about "the joy is in the journey." I think that so many people forget this – and by putting on blinders with only the end goal in sight, they are missing so much of the beauty and progress along the way. Well done!

  4. Hi Brett, Great message for everyone here. For me I got the message that we should always continue to focus without waver on our vision and desires for our business and life, and the things that we maybe choosing to take us there can change as we go through them and experience them. Keep your dreams alive my friend. Blessings.

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