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One of my earliest blog posts is about the importance of expanding your boundaries.
In that blog I said.

Boundary expansion is a practice of increasing the size of the prison. By increasing the size of the prison, I get to be at choice in areas where I would have been in automatic fear response. Being “at choice” means that instead of reacting automatically, I am able to be in a mode of being able to make choices.

Also, when the prison of fear gets so big that it is no longer viable, it is much easier to discard. I want to drop the prison, so I can be a person who bases his choices on logic, love, desires, and peace. When a choice is made out of fear that choice will lead to regret. Even if the choice is the best choice possible choice, fear based choices lead to second guessing and living in the past. When choices are made out of logic, love, desire or peace, I am able to live a life of action and no regret. This is because I know that I made the best possible choice and if that choice turns out to be unfavorable, then I am able to move on and make new choices.

Expanding my boundaries is not about getting rid of fear. Removing all fear is something that is very improbable and discounts the emotion of fear. The two main types of fear that I work with are survival fear (“oh my god, that bear is going to kill me”) and learned fear (“I remembered that from my past, I did not like it.”) These types of fear have positive aspects. Survival fear keeps you alive and away from pointless fights with bears. Learned fear reminds you of past actions that you do not like.

Now you can watch it in a video!
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    • Tamsin on July 22, 2013 at 5:47 am

    The fruit is always out of our reach and requires us to move out of our comfort zone – if we want to grow, keep expanding!

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