Hold On To Your Passion

Years ago there was this TV show where I saw this woman bring on her boyfriend. It turned out this woman was jealous of something in her boyfriend’s life. She felt second fiddle to his bike. Turns out this guy loved bike riding and she didn’t like the fact that it took so much time from her. On national television she had him take a saw and cut up his bike.
This is very dangerous in a relationship. For one, he will always resent her as the person who took away his passion and he will just ride a bike in secret. Also, she picked the wrong guy. If she doesn’t want a guy who rides a bike all the time, she should pick a guy who doesn’t ride a bike all the time.
Never give up your passions for another person. In fact, never change for another person. Never ask a person to change for you. People never change for you anyways. They will only change for themselves.
If you want an adult relationship, love the person for who they are. Choose a person who you love all the important parts about them. Love their passions. If you cannot love those parts of them, find someone who fits your life. You will be happier and the person you with will be happier.


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  1. Great article. You are right, don't change for anyone. They need to accept you as your are. Thanks for the share. Anita Levesque

    • Adrienne on July 18, 2013 at 8:01 am

    A lot of times we compromise to much to be with someone and then realize it is not sustainable.

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