When the Student is Ready, the Lesson Arrives

Listen to my podcast 7 and you will know that I have been going through a breakdown and a breakthrough. The most interesting part is while listening to Abraham, a being channeled by Esther Hicks, I received the answe


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r I needed. You can read the video below.

Where your desire is really, really strong, but your life experience is having you to have real strong experience about it. It gives you not advantage at all, for us to say, what you should have done, before you did that was this because, you can’t go back to do before you did this….

Almost everyone knows what it is like to get a hold of something that is unpleasant and try to fix the unpleasantness other. This is wrong, so I will do this. This is wrong, so I will do this. This is wrong, so I will do this. This is wrong, so I will do this. But at some point you have to turn that cycle around, because its just going to just becoming more and more and more and more, because your emotional grid is becoming more and more and more.

Every time you tell that story, and we do not blame you for wanting to fill in the details of it, It feels to most people, that you cannot get a solution, unless you lay out clearly what the problem is you are living with. The thing we want you to understand is that every single second you spend telling the story of what you don’t want, no matter accurate it is, and it is, no matter unfair it is and it is, no matter unjust it is, no matter how ridiculous it is, no matter how much you don’t want it, every minute you are telling the story, you are shoring that vibrational grid.


Your grids are really current. They are happening, now, now, now. Your point of attraction is now. You can be in this big mess, because of your focus on that grid. The moment that you stop keeping that grid active and start activating another grid, then that grid will start filling in.

You can finish the rest in the video below.

This really hit home for me because I created a story. A story that was pretty accurate to me. However the more I told that story, the more I would focus on that story, the more I would suffer. This message has helped me let go of telling the story of what I do not want and focus on what I do want. Even though I am a teacher of this work, sometimes even I need help. It is wonderful that there are many amazing teachers out there that can help in times of need.

I am focusing on what I want and I am going to move towards my desires.

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  1. Sometimes its hard to focus on the here & now, the right, the positive when the “what ifs”, the “I should haves”, & the “I can’t believe that happened” moments loom so large in the rear view.

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