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Forgiveness is very important. To hold a grudge is to drink poison and expect the other person to get sick. When

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Vissi in the “Forgive Me This” music video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you keep the blame up and the bitterness from your past relationship you will carry that pain into your next relationship.

If you want to build something better in your new relationship, you must forgive the person that you dated before. You do not want to take that pain into the next relationship. If a person cheated on you and you do not forgive them for cheating, then when you are in a new relationship you will be afraid of the new person cheating on you even if they have no desire to ever cheat on you.
One thing you will do is push the new person away. Pushing someone away is no way to build a good relationship.
That is why you have to forgive. Remember forgiveness doesn’t mean that you need to invite the person into your life. You can forgive a person 100% and realize that you are better off without them. Choosing who you want in your life is extremely important for the life you want to live.
So if you want to build an amazing relationship, forgive them.
If you need help I suggest The Work by Byron Katie.
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  1. Forgiveness is indeed powerful. I like what you said about how forgiving a person doesn't mean you have to invite them back into your life. I think a lot of people have a hard tie with that.

    • Tamsin on July 17, 2013 at 6:38 am

    Too true! Forgiveness is needed for our peace of mind!

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