5 Tips to Make Your Ex Jealous

5 Tips to Make Your Ex Jealous

Tip 1: Don’t

Really? Why? What will making your ex jealous accomplish? Think about it really. You are not together for a reason. Either they broke up with you and there is a reason why they won’t want to be with you. Or you broke up with them and it is very douchey for you to then taunt them to make them jealous. You are an adult. Act like an adult. Also, do you really want them back because they were jealous? Not because they want to be with you, but because they don’t want you to be with someone else. That is not a good way to build a relationship.

Tip 2: Grow up

Seriously. I say this with all the love in the world. Grow up. There is no reason to work on jealousy. Jealousy in this situation is not a healthy goal. Either you make them jealous which just makes them feel bad and they come back to you because they feel bad. A relationship based on bad feelings isn’t healthy. The other side is it doesn’t work and then you feel worse. Trying to make someone jealous is not something a good feeling adult would do. It does not serve you, it does not serve them. Trying to make someone jealous is not how you serve this world or yourself to your highest purpose. If the action doesn’t serve you to be the best you that you can be, it is time to move on.

Tip 3: Move on

Move on. The reality is if you are ever going to get back with your ex, the best thing for you to do is to move on. You are no longer acting immature and you are doing something positive in your life. If you are meant to be together, then as you move forward with your life you will meet again and it will work out. You will be a better person and maybe the relationship will work better now.

Get over the relationship. Be sad, because there is nothing wrong with being sad. Mourn, do what you need to do to move on. If you really love this person, let them go. Letting go and moving on is better for them and better for you as well. 

Tip 4: Look within to see why you would want to.

Look within yourself and asking yourself, “Why would I want to make my ex jealous?” Is it revenge? Is it loneliness? Is it regret? What is within you that would cause you to want to make a poor choice. Spend a few hours and ask yourself, what are you missing in your life? What would you get if you made your ex jealous?

Tip 5: Work on that part of yourself to become a better person

Now that you have looked within yourself it is time to use your pain to make yourself better and not bitter. Work on the parts of you that desire to make your ex jealous. How can you let go? How can you work through this pain? What book can help you? What seminar or exercise and help you process your emotions more maturely? What do you feel like you are missing? If you have discovered what you are missing, then find people to give it. When you give what you desire, it will build within you. Use this experience and turn it around into something positive.


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