Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Liz Ophoven – Holistic Mystic – Transformation Through Sacred Cacao

[00:00:00.090] – Brett Dupree

Hello, Liz, and welcome to my podcast, awesome.

[00:00:04.180] – Liz Ophoven


[00:00:05.150] – Brett Dupree

I am excited to have you on. I’ve known you for four or five years now.

[00:00:09.570] – Liz Ophoven

Yeah, I think it’s been a while

[00:00:11.610] – Brett Dupree

for the listeners at home. I met Liz at a Cacao ceremony that she runs with an awesome sound bath. And it is a wonderful experience.

[00:00:22.170] – Liz Ophoven

Yeah. I keep thinking back to when we were sort of just starting out and sometimes we would have quite a room full and sometimes not so much. And one time it was just Brett. And it was amazing.

[00:00:35.550] – Brett Dupree

Yeah, that was pretty cool. I’m so thankful to both of you for that. That was very helpful for me.

[00:00:40.260] – Liz Ophoven


[00:00:41.550] – Brett Dupree

So how did you get started in your sound bath and your journey into spirituality and as a spiritual entrepreneur?

[00:00:48.860] – Liz Ophoven

Yeah, so I got started with the sound bath, but as a dear friend of mine came back from like a life-changing, I should say, like midlife chrysalis changing trip to Guatemala. She came back with some Cacao, some Cacao from Guatemala, and taught me about Cacao and taught me about sharing Cacao and the power of it in creating community. I had been doing some guided meditations and some workshops kind of in the spiritual realm, talisman making and different things like this, to get people together in a fun way, in an active way, and to help people in that kind of ceremonial setting to get their whole energy field cleared and cleanse.

[00:01:35.630] – Liz Ophoven

So the Cacao, when I was introduced to that, just seemed sort of a magic portal where we could bring all of this together and share and heal. And one of the best ways to receive energetic healing is through sound. So I used to have a friend of mine come and play her quartz crystal bowls. But then one time she couldn’t make it at the last minute. I played the bowls and kind of took off from there.

[00:02:04.620] – Brett Dupree

Have you always been into spirituality type things?

[00:02:09.130] – Liz Ophoven

Yeah, kind of. So I think that I was in high school in the 80s and there was a movement of spirituality back then called New Age. Right. It was so funny and fun and cool. And my mom was a little bit into it and somehow I got a hold of some new age music. This artist called Andrius Vollen Reader and I would secretly listen to New Age music while doing my homework, and I ended up just loving it so much. I started reading some sort of self-help books and things like that back then as well.

[00:02:47.970] – Liz Ophoven

And it just started to lead me into this path of trusting my inner wisdom. Basically, it

[00:02:54.470] – Brett Dupree

didn’t always trust your inner wisdom.

[00:02:56.290] – Liz Ophoven

No. So. Well, I would just say that the environment that I grew up in did not support inner wisdom. I grew up in the Midwest, in Indiana. And the way that my family was structured was very patriarchal and it was very proper. But that was like the appearance of our family from the outside. The inside was really hurting and really struggling. And there wasn’t a lot of love and there wasn’t a lot of compassion and there wasn’t a lot of support for people.

[00:03:31.030] – Liz Ophoven

But I had a very unique experience when I was growing up in this family. And I should also mention most of the men in my family were alcoholics. So I was growing up in this family where we’re really working hard on appearances. There’s a sort of violence underneath of like people clawing and scratching for love and attention and support. But then something happened. So it was my sister and me, and she was two years older than me and she was diagnosed with childhood leukemia.

[00:04:07.260] – Liz Ophoven

So when I’m just actually two years old, before I’m even really, really understanding what I’m alive, I grow up into this system of all of these things going into play and then my parents dealing with my sister, a little girl who’s just four years old at the time, having to start to get chemotherapy treatments. So that is a really, really intense, energetic for a family to deal with, especially a family that doesn’t deal with things. I created an entire another dimension that I lived in, not with my inner world.

[00:04:43.970] – Liz Ophoven

You know, I would spend a lot of time by myself and I loved it. It was super peaceful. I think that I really just tuned up my energy like my energetic ears and my energetic imagination and came up with, you know, imaginary friends. And asked them for advice and think eventually it just started to become more and more of my own inner voice that was talking to me as opposed to something from the outside. Yeah, that’s probably how it began.

[00:05:13.090] – Brett Dupree

Sounds like you had your own Bridge to Terabithia.

[00:05:16.720] – Liz Ophoven

I really, really wanted it. I wanted it more than ever. So I worked so hard to create it. You know, as much as I could. But then there was still a lot of pressure as I was growing up and dealing with my parents’ family who were suffering through my sister’s illness. After four years of her going through chemo and then remission and then chemo, she passed away. And so I was then six years old. I was, think, sort of fell into an abyss of even more alone time.

[00:05:51.880] – Liz Ophoven

My parents split up after that. My mother went into a deep depression. So I became super independent. And I spent a lot of time alone and a lot of time trying to figure out for myself what was right and wrong, what was appropriate. What should I learn and how can I take care of myself and even how can I take care of my mother? So what I wanted to do more than anything was escape. And the best place was my imagination, which later became my intuition

[00:06:21.940] – Brett Dupree

How do you tell the difference between intuition and escape?

[00:06:25.740] – Liz Ophoven

Right. Yes. So there are a couple of different things that I’ve learned about disassociation and intuition. There’s when life becomes really painful, especially emotionally painful. There is for me. And I think many people desire to get away. Right. You just want to hop on out of there. This can be disassociation. So I would do that. I would totally space out, go into my own little imaginary world. This started to leak over into when I was in school as a young girl.

[00:07:00.990] – Liz Ophoven

My grades were really falling and I wasn’t able to focus or pay attention in the world. Just seemed kind of boring. And also really scary. So disassociation can be unswerving in away. But it did also was the sort of I don’t know if there was a differentiation at that point. There is a way where I was just tuning in to my own needs and I was tuning in to something that I desired. As people get older, get into their teens, sometimes disassociation will lead you down the road of alcohol and drugs and just getting away, getting in a way, getting away and not dealing with what’s happening.

[00:07:40.530] – Liz Ophoven

And if you just take a little bit of a sharper turn there and spin right back into yourself, you can sort of re-associate that goes inward and inside there, it can be just as juicy and fun and cool. But you’re still with yourself as opposed to departing from yourself. And, you know, I’m not even sure at this point if I’ve answered your question, but I think I did.

[00:08:03.930] – Brett Dupree

So that turning inside is how you broke the… a lot of times when people’s parents are alcoholics, the children become alcoholics. Is that how you try to kind of turn that around?

[00:08:14.550] – Liz Ophoven

Yeah, definitely. I learned a lot about that as I was growing up, and especially as a young teen, took a couple of psychology classes and started to understand how the paradigm of families work. So my uncle was a recovered alcoholic, but still very much in the program and very much identifying as an alcoholic. So he would warn me. And with, you know, about the effects of alcoholism in families and then these studies with psychology and sociology and things helped me understand what was at risk.

[00:08:45.540] – Liz Ophoven

And honestly, I tried it out. I was like, OK, so let me see him. I am I one of those people? Am I going to go down this road of, like, sort of the lost soul? Will I be an addict? Will I be a total @$@$ up in the world? I tried it on because it seemed like that was a predetermined outcome for me personally with the death of a sibling added into that.

[00:09:09.870] – Liz Ophoven

And I decided it wasn’t I was just like, no, you know, I know there are a lot of influences, but I have freedom of choice. I want to do a lot of other things. The easy way, I guess, would have been to just let my life drive me. But I chose to engage in my own personal path, you know, things that I was interested in and things that were exciting to me and drive my own life wasn’t always just like it wasn’t like one decision. You know, it’s come around over and over and over again. Who’s driving here? You know, it is a constant struggle because those things are true for me at least.

[00:09:47.700] – Liz Ophoven

It was clear from a very early age, like exactly what I would be up against and what some of my biggest hurdles would be in life in order to achieve my goals and dreams and desires. I feel just kind of knowing that at a younger age and continuing to remind myself and understand what was happening helped me to overcome those hurdles and blockages in.

[00:10:10.110] – Brett Dupree

one way for you that was going through your experience, your path.

[00:10:14.310] – Liz Ophoven

Yeah. You know, my spiritual path started as more of a rebellious path, and I rebelled from my family, which was pretty conservative and kind of Republican. And I decided to listen to my heart and listen to myself to make my own decisions. Right. So like I was explaining earlier, I decided I was going to move away from my hometown as soon as I possibly could because I knew the longer that I stayed there, the better chances that I would fall into this predetermined path.

[00:10:43.920] – Liz Ophoven

I used to ask myself this question, and it’s super-duper valid even today. And so the question I would ask myself is, what would you do? Well, I would say in the first person, what would I do if I were me and if I were me, I would do this, you know, and it would roll out. The answers would just come. And so I really think that for me, spirituality has never been about worshipping something outside of myself or giving over my power or having faith in something that I don’t understand outside of myself.

[00:11:21.320] – Liz Ophoven

It’s always been. Can I please just have faith in myself? And that’s been the most powerful guiding tool for me, is turning back in and saying, OK, who is Liz? What is she planning? What does she want to do here on this planet? That’s what my spirituality is learning to know myself. And allowing for that woman to guide me. The true most authentic on tethered and unharmed version of myself.

[00:11:53.770] – Brett Dupree

What have you gained from following the inner guidance?

[00:11:56.650] – Liz Ophoven

Exactly. No. It’s kind of like sometimes I say to myself. Also, like, what was the point? This does seem pretty hard. And wouldn’t it be nice if I could just fall into a pattern that just guaranteed me some level of success and security and safety and a future and maybe a retirement? So what have I gained and why is it important? I have gained a sense of excitement for life. I have gained the knowledge that with age comes more opportunity.

[00:12:35.290] – Liz Ophoven

As long as I keep being curious and keep being excited, I want to live. And I want to share. And I want to be with people. And I want to create as I get older, as I’m forty-seven years old now, as I continue to grow and evolve and allow this sense of curiosity to be a guiding light for me. I continue to be more and more engaged with life and I’m so excited to see what can I even do.

[00:13:02.830] – Liz Ophoven

I definitely have some hurdles to overcome and I face those when they come every single time. But what could I really do in this life in thinking about it in a way of like, I get to be here? I get to live this life. And I know because I’ve tried it a few times. I know I’m not happy if I just slip into a role that’s. I just go get it. Get a job. Oh, gosh.


You know, maybe like graphic design or something. I would probably be exciting for me for a little while. But if the pattern becomes too repetitive, I know myself well enough to know that I’ll start to feel that sense of boredom, which leads to depression, which leads me to start seeking elsewhere. Where can I get some excitement around here, you know, so then that can eventually lead to the disassociation. So you have to take some kind of medicine if you’re putting up with something that you just don’t enjoy.

[00:13:54.580] – Liz Ophoven

Right. So I’d rather try to enjoy my life and have my life be the medicine that I don’t have to escape.

[00:14:03.070] – Brett Dupree

Do you decide to want to take that same man to build a community and helping other people?

[00:14:09.080] – Liz Ophoven

You know, it’s so cool because I’m actually super shy and I’m super duper shy. But when I realized how powerful the energy was, tools that I’ve learned are and how exciting it is and how enlivening it is for people to feel valuable to themselves, to feel like what they’re doing, and how their living is interesting. I realized I just wanted to share it. I wanted to share it. And it brings me so much joy to be part of the community of people that are reclaiming the power of over their own lives, reclaiming their inner wisdom, reclaiming the strength to know that they’d get to be here.

[00:14:54.730] – Liz Ophoven

Not only that, but they’re also entitled to live a happy life into it to see. like there’s nothing more exciting to me than to be around people that are turned on and ready to adventure. So that’s entertainment. So I guess in a way, it’s entertainment for me. I’m like, look at all these people and what they’re doing because they’re free, their mind is free and their creativity is flowing. And it’s exciting. And then I feel like that in that way, we all get to be truly ourselves.

[00:15:26.650] – Liz Ophoven

We’re tapping into our best. We’re tapping into our genius. And that’s what’s gonna heal the world. So eventually. And I know this is already happening and I’m even starting to collaborate a little bit more and more people. So let’s say you’re in your best. They say it’s in your genius. More and more people are in their genius and collaborating with other people in their genius. And coming up with amazing solutions for sure. But even amazing expressions.

[00:15:55.360] – Liz Ophoven

And when you have an amazing expression, then you’re not so destructive. Out there in the world.

[00:16:00.030] – Brett Dupree

So, yeah. So what are all the energy type things that you do nowadays?

[00:16:05.780] – Liz Ophoven

Oh, yes. I guess that’s what a ceremonial list. And I work with Cacao. I’m a healer man or a healer. I’m an intuitive musician, slash sound healer. So I work with quartz crystal balls, gongs, Tibetan bowls. I mean, really, it’s like broadening. So vocals and rattles, things like this. Amazing instruments that are so fun to work with. And I’m a visual artist and a sculptor and a yogi and a mother.

[00:16:34.420] – Liz Ophoven

So I get to use my tools, especially in the art, in the healing arts. And it really. Narrows down to kind of, three main tools. The first one is being grounded. So really, really getting your body and your energy field connected to the center of the planet, connecting with the earth’s energy field through your feet, through your root chakra. The second one is finding center. Finding center for me was so hard for so long, I couldn’t do it.

[00:17:05.790] – Liz Ophoven

I was like, you know, for anyone who’s had experience in finding your center. I was always like way over to the left. It’s like, where’s your awareness right now? And I’m like, up and out and over to the left. So once I was able to train myself to come into the center, there’s like a whole world there that’s very peaceful. And the third one is finding the edges of my personal space or the boundary of my aura and keeping my energy inside my boundary and allowing the energy outside my boundary to stay outside my boundary.

[00:17:39.660] – Liz Ophoven

So these three things are the tools that I really love to share, and they’re the basis in the framework for why I feel like any and all additional healing r

[00:17:52.930] – Brett Dupree

What really led you to Crystal… I mean, what are the benefits of crystal sound healing and Cacao ceremonies?

[00:17:59.880] – Liz Ophoven

So one of the benefits is community. I mean, this is really one of the strongest benefits is the element of the community, the element of community while you were being healed or when you are healed. Let’s say you’re healed in a way that your auras cleaned out. You’re sort of refreshed.

[00:18:21.960] – Liz Ophoven

Cacao itself is an amazing superfood and it’s plant medicine. And so when you drink ceremonial Cacao, your heart chakra and your vascular system open up. So you’re getting super shot of magnesium and all these different nutrients at the same time, your heart starts pumping more blood through your bodies, your oxygenating. And it allows you to come into the center more easily and to stay there with less effort. You should never have an effort to stay there, but it’s just a great ally.

[00:18:58.170] – Liz Ophoven

So this is a plant ally and food medicine, you know, or it could be a plant, medicine, food, ally, and his chocolate. I mean, what says love more than chocolate? Come on. Right.

[00:19:09.780] – Liz Ophoven

So I just it just works. I drink it. And I was like, whoa, this is an experience. I can feel it. And it really works. Lends a great hand. It’s wonderful in communities and the courts. Crystal Bowls are fantastic, fantastic healing tools because they transmit vibration. Right. And they’re perfectly tuned. Whole notes. I said I have these seven whole notes. And so when the vibration of the whole notes starts to leave the bowl and go out into the room and then it crosses over into the energy fields of everyone at the ceremony.

[00:19:48.330] – Liz Ophoven

These whole note bowls that are perfectly tuned. Are you have all of these notes in your body and in your energetic system. And so once these tuned pitches come through, if you’re out of tune anywhere, which is exactly what happens when we’re not feeling very good. The bowl vibrations bring you into tune and they clean you up and tune you up and through a process called entrainment. So if there’s a greater force that is perfectly in tune, it will tune up the other instruments in the room and our bodies happen to be those instruments.

[00:20:21.570] – Liz Ophoven

And there’s just something so fantastic about the sound of the bowls and their ability to help you fall into that meditative state. Theta or, you know, just a deep relaxation. They take over the chatter in your mind and allow you just to be present. So you’re getting centered. You’re being present and you’re surrendering. You literally, I think for me is surrender into the sound and just be a witness then to what’s happening inside your mind’s eye or inside your body.

[00:20:55.650] – Liz Ophoven

And your only job is to just be there and breathe. And they’re fantastic. They work miraculously. They work miracles. I mean, music had to have been I don’t truly a scholar, but I think it was must have been the first medicine on the planet through the treatment and the healing powers of the vibrations of sound vibrations and the awesomeness of the Cacao. It’s a perfect, perfect mixture for really cleaning out people’s energy fields, brightening up their mood, allowing them to process.

[00:21:29.220] – Liz Ophoven

And that aspect of being in the room with other people doing the same thing. So you have acceptance. So it’s just a beautiful combination to me and it really feels it and changes people’s lives.

[00:21:43.240] – Brett Dupree

Something that I think about going to your Cacao ceremonies, the last year especially came during a very difficult time in my life when I was going through my bankruptcy and losing a job and actually grief when I didn’t know I was even going through grief and so allowed me the process that. And I believe,  I don’t remember if I did, but I think even doing this podcast came out of just one of your Cacao ceremonies. Well, definitely the Church of Awesome and all the ideas through that just came through me from your Cacao ceremony. So other than me, do you have any other fun success stories that you like to share?

[00:22:17.500] – Liz Ophoven

Oh, my gosh. Well, I mean, I love hearing that. And do I have any fun success stories?

[00:22:28.780] – Brett Dupree

Some good feedback?

[00:22:28.820] – Liz Ophoven

I get some really beautiful feedback. I think you’ve been there before as well. When people say, look, this is my church. You know, I really love to be able to host the Cacao ceremony and the sound journeys at least once a month. And it’s been a little tricky lately. So we’re looking forward to that. But every single ceremony, people come up to myself and my husband, Pete, who works the ceremonies with me and they share something, you know, whether it’s deeply personal, like I had no idea, you know, that I was so sad about this or my grandmother came and visit me in a vision or I feel so much better. Thank you. I think it’s one of these tools that you can rely on to continue to support you in whatever creative journey or emotional journey you’re on. And I love getting the feedback because it just makes me feel, you know, it’s working. We’re doing something good here.

[00:23:25.160] – Brett Dupree

My girlfriend was absolutely glowing afterward, and there are so many spiritual connections because of it.

[00:23:30.800] – Liz Ophoven

Yeah, it’s pretty phenomenal. yea like, as you know, I like to create a theme and sort of a destination. The destination is always inside. But we can go in through a guided meditation about your higher self for a guided meditation about an animal’s spiritual helper or teaching a tool like a timeline jumping or cleaning your crown chakra. And through these different avenues and these themes in different ways to get in and to clear out in every single little piece of. The journey there. There’s either emotional block, information, trauma, or creative inspiration, or there could be messages from your guides.

[00:24:18.890] – Liz Ophoven

I mean, it’s endless. What could happen and what does happen? People I like to use these different doorways to come into the center and to mix it up a little bit so that you have an opportunity to get a taste of all these different paths and pathways that are all leading right into the center of you.

[00:24:38.930] – Brett Dupree

Awesome. So we are coming to the end of our time together. And one thing I like to ask my guest is to do a one minute a motivation. You can imagine this as if you have a time machine and you’re going back to your eight-year-old self. But unfortunately, you’ll have him in it until you take him back into the future before you finish giving you information. and you have one minute to do it, or you can think of it as taking your entire lives, purpose, and mission and condensing it down to a minute.

[00:25:01.340] – Both

So you’re ready. Ready. Let’s go. All right.

[00:25:06.500] – Liz Ophoven

I’ll just hold you just get in my lap and I’ll just all do rub your head for a little while. I’ll do that for a minute and you’ll be all better.

[00:25:13.250] – Liz Ophoven

But my motivational message would be to simply sit down with yourself and give yourself a little bit of respect. Treat yourself with some comforts, with some love, having some beautiful fabrics on your skin, something wonderful to drink, a comfortable place to sit. Take a few super deep breaths until you can start to feel that breath filling up your entire body and ask yourself, who am I? If I was me, what would I do now? If I was my full self, where would I go?

[00:25:51.740] – Liz Ophoven

What would I choose? How do I feel? You can ask. Asking is the key what’s really going on inside myself? What do I need right now? Treating yourself like you would treat your own eight-year-old child is the key to really unleashing the best of yourself. So that’s my advice.

[00:26:14.820] – Brett Dupree

Awesome, thank you so much for coming on my podcast. I really enjoyed listening to your story and how you broke your own cycle and how your spirituality was kind of rebellion and the idea of actually putting yourself out there when you are shy and an introvert.

[00:26:29.550] – Brett Dupree

How that living your purpose can make you feel so alive. And also sharing the benefits of Cacao and sound baths to people out there so that they have another modality for them to try. So thank you so much for everything you do to help people. And thank you so much for making this world a better place.

[00:26:46.230] – Liz Ophoven

Thank you so much, Brett. I loved coming on and I can’t wait to see you again.

[00:26:51.690] – Brett Dupree

May your day be special

[00:26:52.870] – Liz Ophoven

yeah, Namaste.

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