Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Mariko Frederick – Coming Back From Death To Help People Live Their Life’s Purpose

Brett Dupree:                    Hello, Mariko and welcome to my podcast.

Mariko Frederick:            Thanks for having me.

Brett Dupree:                    I’m excited to have you on you are the first person I’ve ever talked to who died?

Mariko Frederick:            Nice. I’m excited to share it.

Brett Dupree:                    So who were you before that experience?

Mariko Frederick:            Good question. So before my death experience, I was an avid rock climber. I was living in the mountains in Lake Tahoe and had been living in the mountains for about, I think all in 10 years. And I was a climber, an avid hiker backpacker, and I had a practice in alternative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. I did the healing, the nonacupuncture healing form. So I’m board-certified in Asian bodywork therapy within national certification commission for acupuncture and Oriental medicine acupuncture.

Brett Dupree:                    You said Non-acupuncture?

Mariko Frederick:            Yeah. So there are three branches of Chinese medicine. There is acupuncture, there are Chinese herbs and there’s something called Asian bodywork therapy and Asian bodywork therapy is like energy healing and acupressure portion of Chinese medicine.

Brett Dupree:                    I did not know that.

Mariko Frederick:            Less well known. It’s kind of the less known branch of Chinese medicine. And so most people think of Chinese medicine and they think of acupuncture, but really there’s also a whole field within that in herbology and acupressure and energy healing. And that’s what I practiced was always the energy healing acupressure and our biology.

Brett Dupree:                    Oh, interesting. So what got you to the point of, well, yes. Death doesn’t know how to answer that question.

Mariko Frederick:            Funny story. It gets kind of complicated. The basic thing is that I had not been feeling well. I had unknowingly contracted Lyme disease, hiking in the forest. I unknowingly contracted it three weeks prior to my death experience. And so when I went in for treatment with somebody who was practicing alternative medicine, I went in for the treatment, unbeknownst to me, this person had no license and no credentials and had opened a practice by using somebody else’s license. This person hurt me, injured me to the point of having a near-death experience. And so that’s how I died. And then it got more complicated because it was very difficult to recover because I also had Lyme disease. And that was kind of brewing in the background.

Brett Dupree:                    What was the recovery like?

Mariko Frederick:            Brutal. The recovery from which part? The death, yes. Okay. It was so, so it’s intertwined. That’s why I ask, I have two things going on. So one was the death experience and it was, it was brutal. The recovery took, it’s hard to say how long it took. It took a minimum of a year, but truly I was sick and mostly in bed for three and a half years. And most of that was due to Lyme disease. And eventually, the Lyme disease went into my brain, but the recovery from the death experience, you know, here’s the thing. It took a long time. It definitely took a long time for me to physically heal. But I would say the deeper healing that I had to go through was really a spiritual healing and emotional healing. Because when I came back from that experience, I felt like I was there for so long that by the time they told me I had to go back, I barely remembered who Monica was. And so coming back into a body that now can’t stand up and is in horrible pain, it felt helpless. And so I think that the recovery was brutal really emotionally and spiritually because, in my death experience, I felt home. And then coming back into my body, I came back into a very sick and injured body. So that part was actually the more difficult part of the recovery.

Brett Dupree:                    What did you mean by, they told you that you’re going back

Mariko Frederick:            When I died. So it’s a whole experience when you leave this world. And so it’s funny cause we use the word die. We use the word death, but really there is no death. I never felt more alive than when I left this world. I never felt more alive than when I died when the experience is long and that’s going to be in my book because I can’t get this all out in our podcast. I wish I could. There are souls on the other side and they’re not souls in my experience that you see with your human eyes because you’re not in your human form anymore. I was told, I was given the assignment on my life. It felt to me like I was being downloaded. And then after that, I was told quite a few things, but really it was that it wasn’t my time that I had to go back and help people see my personality.

Mariko Frederick:            It didn’t really go away. So of course, soaring in this bliss and love and infinite, just ecstatic love when they said you have to go back. I said no. And they said, you have to, it’s not your time. They, it took three times for me to finally say yes. So they had to explain it to me that each soul has a specific time that they leave this world and you can’t go before that time and you cannot go after that time. And this was not my time. I had to go back and serve. I had to go back and help.

Brett Dupree:                    You came back from death and you’re starting to, what process did you, how did you heal?

Mariko Frederick:            I use so interesting again, back to the death experience. When I was told to go back in my body, I tried, I was like, okay, like I knew how to do that. Right? I’ve done this before I found that agreeing was not enough. And then I said, I can’t, I don’t know-how. And it felt like I was being pushed from behind and just flying through space really fast or something. That was just the feeling I had. And the next thing I knew it was in my body. It hurt when I hit my body. It was like being run over by a train. I first thought when I took my breath was when I started breathing again was I have to go to the hospital. And in that moment it was almost like they brought me back into the death experience back into the bliss, back into the love and said, don’t use Western medicine.

Mariko Frederick:            And then there, I was back in my body. After that moment, interestingly enough, I didn’t seek out Western medicine right away. I went to my acupuncturist who had before I went to school who had trained me in Chinese medicine and theory and herbs. And so I went to him who he lived a few hours away and he started treating me and he started healing me with mostly with herbs. And then five weeks after the experience, I thought, you know, I don’t know if there’s permanent damage, right? There’s blood in my urine. My urine looks like oil it’s that it’s stinking to the day something was wrong. Right? And so I went to a doctor of all the people on the planet, this doctor, I go into his office and I tell him what happened. My career started out working in it’s like an ICU tech in trauma intensive care.

Mariko Frederick:            So I’m expecting this guy to kind of go whatever. Right? And so I tell him what happened that I had a death experience and that I’m not supposed to use Western medicine, but I really need to know if there’s permanent damage. He just stops. And he’s like, I can’t believe it. I had a death experience eight years ago. And so he understood that assignment, that instruction that I shouldn’t use Western medicine. And so he really just did labs to see if he could figure it out. And I don’t think anything was super conclusive cause it was weeks later and I was sort of healing. That’s what I did. And so I continued to seek ways to heal. But like I said, at the same time I had Lyme disease in my body and that was just tearing through my body while I was healing from one experience, I was getting worse from the other.

Brett Dupree:                    How long did it take you to fill the like you have reached here to the point of healing? I guess?

Mariko Frederick:            Hmm. My experience was 16 years ago and I would say that it’s really just been in the last couple of years that I have consistent energy, that I feel good all the time. It’s not something that I stop looking at while I don’t consider myself to have Lyme disease. You still do get treatments once or twice a year to keep my health up. I get vitamin IVs and I get different things. I take a lot of supplements that I would not normally have to take. I feel good now, but I would say it was really 10 years of struggle.

Brett Dupree:                    What got you into wanting to help other people and serve you see here on your bio, it says you’re able to see and hear people’s destiny.

Mariko Frederick:            Yeah. So that’s the gift I came back with after my death experience. And you know, it didn’t happen like day one. Like I said, day one, I was very sick over the years. What would happen was I would be having a conversation with someone and I can just see what their next was. I could just see what they really should be doing. And I started to allow myself to voice what I was seeing for them in the beginning when you’re first using your gift. And this is a brand new gift, right? Like I was good at healing people on the physical level and maybe even the emotional level, but this was a different level. This wasn’t healing. This was literally just having this knowing about somebody. And so I just started to play with it a little bit and say, that’s really curious. It’s funny that I said that to you.

Mariko Frederick:            And then not long after sometimes a year after they’d be like, you know, we have this conversation and what you said is exactly what just happened. And I’m like, interesting. And that would happen again and again. And then finally I really started using it in my healing practice and people would come in and I would literally see the assignment on their life. And that’s what I recognize it now is that I see the assignment on their life, what they’re meant to do before they leave this world, how to do it. And I get a lot of specifics now about exactly how they’re going to do it, what to do, what their purpose is, what the assignment is clearly obstacles for them. And that’s, that’s how I use it today.

Brett Dupree:                    It sounds like a big responsibility.

Mariko Frederick:            Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think that’s why it’s taken me so many years to start really using it and saying that out loud.

Mariko Frederick:            That’s a big thing to say out loud. It took a long time and many people to watch it become very accurate and go. Interesting. Okay. So I guess that’s just the gift I came back with and then I had to get into it’s okay. That I have this gift it’s okay. Because for me, I came from that background, especially we talked earlier being from an Asian culture, Japanese culture. It’s like, you’re supposed to go to school for anything you do, you know, and this isn’t something that you go to school for. I can’t prove it. I don’t have a degree know, it’s just what I am now. And so I have to follow that assignment on my life. So that’s what I’m doing and I’m helping other people follow the assignment on their life as well.

Brett Dupree:                    I assume of what you do, that you deal with a few people who are less quote, unquote haters. How do you deal with people who send you things of that nature, that kind of energy?

Mariko Frederick:            I don’t get a lot of that. I really don’t get a lot of it. The circles that I hang out with my friend group were very mixed. Race by friends are all different cultures, black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, all kinds of races, right. Asian. And so I don’t get that within my group or anybody that they hang out with. Occasionally I’ll get somebody’s social media that says something. And it’s not even that what they’re saying is bad. It’s just that I could feel their frustration inside. It’s really about looking at saying, who am I here to serve? And if I offend somebody that I’m here to serve, then there’s a problem. Right? I’ve got to look at myself. I just kind of ignore the people that energy that would send anything to me. But honestly, I haven’t had it very often when I have had it. Okay. So there’s one time, but it really wasn’t a hater. It was just, somebody sent me the wrong picture. Let’s just put it that way. It was an accident, but I haven’t had a lot of like hate coming toward me.

Brett Dupree:                    Oh, that’s good. So what made you want to write a book?

Mariko Frederick:            That book has been in me for since I came back, a lot of it was about sharing who we are and the journey of the soul and what happens in our life, in the afterlife. And so it’s been a really long journey to be able to voice this out loud and tell everybody really what the journey of the soul is and give them all the specifics. And it’s been difficult for me, I think because it’s a book that I haven’t read yet. And so to step out in a space that you might be the first one to say these things can be a little scary, but yet I know that when I die, this is literally what I’m here to do. I don’t get an out. This is literally the assignment in my life. They could not have been more clear. So I can’t even say, Oh, I didn’t know. I know when I’m here to do. And so that’s really where the book comes from and my business, my company, which is called sole priority. And I feel the working title of the book is going to be sole priority life in the afterlife. That’s a working title. So we’ll see.

Brett Dupree:                    So I’m interested. How long has it taken?

Mariko Frederick:            The book? You know, I would say it’s really, I’ve known it since literally lying in bed. When I came back, I knew that I was here to work with a lot of people and share my story, but I was too sick to do that for a decade. I would say it’s really been in the past seriously in the past five, six years that I started writing and having like a little bit of a rough draft and really writing it down. And then now I’m working with a literary agent and I’ve got more help around it. Hopefully, that’ll get published this summer,

Brett Dupree:                    I guess. I don’t know if my question is going to be off base, but it sounds to me like, it’s interesting to me that you had this life calling and this life journey, but still had something hold you back from expressing it in your book. So I’m wondering if it was something that was just not ready to come out yet or that you kind of had to allow your work through some fears of getting it out there.

Mariko Frederick:            Definitely. Yeah. I mean, it’s hilarious. I was talking to some friends yesterday and they were laughing at me. Cause even just yesterday, I was like, well, I mean, maybe I should write this book. Maybe I should pivot over here. I know it’s literally Mariko, you died and you’re still resisting. And I’m like, I know it is. It’s hard to step out and say, Hey, I know this information and I know it because I experienced it. And that’s a very difficult thing for me to say. And so to get really clear on what this is, because it’s not that when I use my gift when I talk about life in the afterlife when I can answer very clearly about what happens in the afterlife and even down to why I do the work I do, the real reason is that I don’t want anyone to die with an assignment on their life.

Mariko Frederick:            I don’t want anyone to leave this world and hear the words. When you leave this world, they show you the big version of what you could have done. They’re like, here’s what your life could have done. This is like, this is what your potential is, right? When you realize you didn’t meet that potential, I don’t want anyone else to ever hear the words you die and you can’t go back. You’ll never be that person again. It’s too late. And so that’s why I do the work. I do the part that I have been, let’s call it how it is. I’ve been dragging my feet to speak about is that I stayed completely awake or conscious or however you want to put it between my last life and this one. It’s not just the death experience that I had when I was 29 years old. It’s also that when I was born, I remembered everything that we go through. And I thought everyone did. I didn’t know that people didn’t remember that. Tell us that 19 years old.

Brett Dupree:                    Right? I have no idea for me. It’s just darkness.

Mariko Frederick:            Most people don’t remember. And for me, it’s not even a memory. Like I didn’t forget it. It’s just the way I remember last Tuesday. It’s part of me. It’s part of my it’s part of who I am. The bigger story that I’m here to share is literally the journey of the soul and the life that we go through in the afterlife. What happens, what happens when we die? What happens all the way up until we’re born again, that’s really the story that I’m here to share. And that’s a big part of why the police had me back.

Brett Dupree:                    Yeah. Something that you said before that it’s too late. You can’t go back. This is what you could have been. That sounds like the saddest thing ever.

Mariko Frederick:            And I live with that feeling of how it felt. I live with that every day. And that’s why, you know, when you said, jeez, that’s camera, what you said exactly. If your reaction to that, I can see what people are meant to do. It was like, that’s, that’s a lot. And it is, but I’ll tell you what’s is knowing I have this gift and not using it. That’s worse.

Brett Dupree:                    I believe what Wayne Dyer was quoting someone else, like don’t die with your music still in you.

Mariko Frederick:            Yeah. I think a lot of people do. And for several reasons, it’s one of the things that I’ve seen over and over and over again, is that when people are looking for their purpose and they’re really looking to do the thing that they feel called to do, and maybe they can’t even identify what that is yet. But what they do know is that the people around them don’t see it. One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we wait for the people around us to see the assignment on our life. They can’t see it because the universe, God, however, you call that higher being. Didn’t give them that assignment. They gave you that assignment. And so not everybody can see it, but a lot of times we wait and we look for permission from the people that we love the most. And then when we don’t get it, we don’t do it because we’re sitting in confusion. I actually have on my website and everybody’s welcome to go there. I have the five biggest mistakes people make when trying to find their purpose. And that’s part of, one of them.

Brett Dupree:                    Yeah. I’ve talked to a lot of entrepreneurs now who they went into, whatever they went to is just because that’s what their parents wanted them to do.

Mariko Frederick:            Yeah. It happens a lot. And I think that the old way of doing things where we’re born and we’re supposed to pick a career and make money and have kids, people want more nowadays.

Brett Dupree:                    Yeah. I think that’s true. Plus we are in a position now where we’re privileged enough in the Western world, at least in a lot of places though, to be able to want more. And

Mariko Frederick:            Yeah, exactly. We’re not on survival mode. We’re not just hoping that we have enough for food. Hopefully most people in this country, there are still some that unfortunately in that position, but when you’re living the assignment on your life, the other thing I recognized in my death experience is that there can be a lot of abundances tied in with that and abundance in all forms, right? Not just money, although sometimes money, oftentimes money, but sometimes it’s the abundance of health, the abundance of joy, the abundance of love, the abundance of knowing and living each day, fulfill that, you know, like, you know that you’re doing exactly what you were called to do and that peace of mind is worth everything. When you decide to step into the assignment on your life, even though it can be hard, even though people won’t believe in you, even though your assignment might not fit into the life you see right now, when you get there, it just feels right. And you have the support you need. And oftentimes if you’re serving other people, there is a path to financial abundance as well.

Brett Dupree:                    Yeah. One thing, the more means you have, the more means you have to actually help people and serve as well. That’s one of the benefits, one of the spiritual aspects of money.

Mariko Frederick:            Exactly. And so the more you have, the more you’re in alignment with your purpose. And if that purpose helps bring in financial abundance, you can serve from your overflow. You can give from your overflow. But if you’re just scraping by and sitting in confusion and really not moving forward into that divine, it’s hard to serve from your overflow because you, yourself aren’t feeling as fulfilled as your potential is for you to feel fulfilled.

Brett Dupree:                    So what does it look like to work with you?

Mariko Frederick:            I have a few different ways to work with me. One is the very popular way is it’s my life clarity intensive. Traditionally actually literally up until COVID. I would do that in one day. It was a half-day intensive and I would record the session and we would talk on the phone and I would literally go through all areas of your life.

Mariko Frederick:            Anything that’s getting in your way, the obstacles, what you’re meant to do before you leave this world, how you’re going to do it your five-year plan, your one year plan, and all of that done now because of COVID. And I want to serve in a bigger way. I’ve actually opened that same intensive up to where now it can take me three months to where we work twice a month for three months. And I gave you the same information, but now, because people have more time on their hands, they can take an hour of time. We can talk and then they can go and digest it and then come back with questions and do that again and again. So that’s one way that I work with people and then the other way, and that’s for people that really know they have something in their life they’re meant to do, and they just want the answers.

Mariko Frederick:            They’re just like, you know, short and sweet. Give me the answers and that’s what we do. And they’re ready. Right? A lot of, if you’ve been to my website, a lot of the people that I work with are highly successful. And so they don’t need a lot of time. In fact, sometimes that same life clarity intensive that might take somebody six hours or three months, somebody else might get the whole thing in two hours. They don’t need a lot of time, right? They just want the information and they go, and I have another way that people work with me for a longer period of time where we worked for a year. That’s my emergence program where, you know, you have something to do, have no idea what that is, and you literally want to emerge into the person that can do it. And that’s the other way that I work with people.

Brett Dupree:                    What is your favorite success story?

Mariko Frederick:            I have so many, you know, there are so many different types, but I would say early on when I started doing this work, before I even called it life clarity intensive before I even knew what it was, I knew it was going on, but it was still fairly new to me. And I had somebody call me for a session within five minutes. I said, and I didn’t know this person. I’d never met them. And I said, why haven’t you quit your job and started your business? And she’s like, what? And I said you need to quit your job and stuff and just start going off on her. And I’m like this and this and this and this, and this is going to happen and this should happen. And this she’s just like, aren’t you. And fast forward, she has a seven-figure business that she enjoys today.

Brett Dupree:                    Beautiful. What do you enjoy most about what you do

Mariko Frederick:            Serving the biggest thing. It’s just knowing that I’m helping other people get to the assignment on their life. That when I leave this world, you know, as much as I talk to my clients about abundance and as much as I help most of my clients, I mean, so far I can knock on wood because I can’t guarantee these results. It was like a side effect, honestly. But I started watching how all my clients started making more money. And it literally was, I was like, it’s a side effect. And I didn’t know that this was going to happen. But that’s where I’m saying, living in your purpose is oftentimes in alignment with abundance. It’s not always money. Some people don’t need money, right? Some people, already have a lot of money and they needed abundance in a different way. They want to be happy. They want to feel fulfilled.

Mariko Frederick:            What was your, sorry? I got sidetracked. What was your question?

Brett Dupree:                    What do you love most about what you do?

Mariko Frederick:            Thank you. I was living in what I love most about what I do. What I love most is when I, so two things, one, just knowing that I’m living the assignment on my life, knowing that I’m doing what they send me back to do. That’s probably what I love because it fulfills me. What I love most about my day is when I work with somebody it’s so much fun because we get talking and they’re like, literally within five minutes, you knew everything about me. How did you know that? What I love is just unpacking all this stuff, all the blocks that they think they have in their life. And just to unpack that so quickly and say, here, this is another possibility. This is a big possibility that can go do this.

Mariko Frederick:            And I love their excitement. I love that. Everything. I tell them every time, this is what people tell me. They’re like, gosh, you know everything you said about me, everything you told me to do, it’s like inside. I knew it, but I couldn’t have told you, I didn’t have the words to express it. But like everything you said hits them, everything I say to them, they say it just hits me. Like it’s true. It’s fun. Because when that happens, they have the success of looking for, they have the outcome and the results they’re looking for. And so that’s probably one of my favorite parts is delightful. It’s fun.

Brett Dupree:                    I guess, give people either when this comes out, your book will just be coming out or almost coming out, give people a little preview of why they should check out your book.

Mariko Frederick:            So this book is going into something that I’ve never really talked about out loud because it’s so much till impact. But really when I came back with was a few, a couple of things, but one is the three priorities of the soul. And so that’s why I named my business soul priority as well. Right? Because there are three priorities of the soul, and unpacking. Each one gives you the path, not just to higher consciousness, because that’s really the main thing we’re here to do, but also potentially the path to turn your purpose into profits. And that’s something that I’m really passionate about because let’s face it. Like we know we’re supposed to be spiritual. We know we’re supposed to meditate. We know we’re supposed to pray. We know all these things, right. And very few people really do. Very few people can say, yeah, I sit down and I meditate every day because they get distracted with life and work. I’ve been able to have a meditation practice since I was 19 years old for decades. But to be able to be, and people used to say, gosh, you know, you’re so lucky though, because look at your job, right? It’s just an alignment with that. What I’m finding is other people’s jobs are in alignment with it too. And so when you find that alignment between your soul’s purpose and abundance, people are all in that’s fun, right? That’s fun. So then they do the work because they’re in alignment with the calling on their soul.

Brett Dupree:                    It sounds exciting. I look forward to reading it. We are coming close to the end of our time together. And one thing I like to ask my guests is to do a one minute of motivation. Can I imagine this as if you are talking to your eight-year-old self and you want to commit everything, you need to live a happy joy-filled life, but then your plopped back into the future and under a minute, or you can think of it as condensing your life purpose into a minute, but are you ready?

Mariko Frederick:            I’m on a game show like fun. So I would tell her, to stop looking outside of herself for the answers. And this is not something that you’re going to be told when you’re that. Even at eight years old, there is a part of her. There’s a part of her soul. There’s a part of her wisdom inside that knows better than the outside world. And I would tell her to follow that, knowing to follow that intuition, because that’s going to bring her closer to the assignment on her life, not to worry and seek too much approval from people on whether or not she’s doing it, right? Whether or not she’s making everybody happy, whether or not she’s going to the right schools and going to get the right job and have going to have the right career. Because it’s really the knowing inside of her that she needs to follow. And that will bring her happiness peace of mind and will be a way for her to help the world become a better place. And so it’s really about being solid in listening to your intuition and following that instead of anybody else.

Brett Dupree:                    Awesome. Thank you so much for being on my podcast. I very much enjoyed listening to your story on, well, the since the first person I talked to that died, how you died and came back and at first struggled to heal, but were able to get past that and be able to see and help people and serve people in such a wonderful way as living your purpose is extremely important as there’s this nothing more fulfilling than being aligned with your soul’s desire, your soul purpose, and helping other people remove those blocks is such a great service. Do you mind using that word? So thank you so much for being on my podcast and sharing yourself and thank you so much for what you do for our society.

Mariko Frederick:            Thank you so much for having me here. I appreciate it. This was a fun conversation, and I think I want to also thank you for how you show up in the world and thank you for allowing people to share stories that are going to bring them more joy. I think this is something that’s missing in our society. And I just want to say thank you for showing up this way for all of us here.

Brett Dupree:                    Thank you for that, may your day be special.

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