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Guest Blog: Leigh Daniel – The Vow

Hello, my name is Leigh Daniel, I am an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, a writer, speaker, workshop leader, and lawyer. My dream is to help everyone live the life of their dreams. This post is from my series on Weight Loss. Read more about me and the Path to Positive Change at The Vow I’ve …

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Guest Blog – Are you a Giraffe?

  Are you a Giraffe? What if someone came up to you and said, “Hey!  You’re a giraffe!”  I bet you’d look at them strangely or think that you mis-heard them.  “Umm, excuse me.  Did you just say I was a giraffe?”  Why would you be confused by their statement.  Well, because you are NOT …

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Guest Blog – Intuition – Are you Trusting Yours?

What does it mean to follow your intuition? It means taking a moment to quiet the chatter going on inside your head and just “feel” what you know is right. So often I have had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind somewhere, something that I hadn’t even formed into words. I chose …

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