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Guest Blog – Be Provocative!

OK, if you’re reading this I’m going to make some assumptions about you.  I’m going to assume that you are someone who is curious or actively seeking to better themselves or to simply feel better in life.  You likely read quotes and blogs by people who say uplifting things or remind you to see love …

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Watch a Hot Lady Strip

A very attractive coach that I know is stripping. Kat Kim, the owner of The Beauty Uprising is throwing it all off. She is also inviting you to strip with her. It is true. Here is the proof, a quote from her blog about her stripping. Well it’s true. I’m stripping, and I’d love for …

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Guest Blog: JOY vs Contentment, Battle Royale, or Not

One of my high school creative writing teachers once told us her father told her “Joy is not something you can constantly keep up. The best you can hope for daily is contentment”. That was harsh. I was devastated. I mulled it over so much, because it was there forever. It was said to me …

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